Even the Dutch may be getting fed up

We haven’t heard much about the Netherlands in all these stories of resistance in Europe. From all I have read and heard, the Netherlands have been ”diverse” and multicultural for some years now, and the post-Christian Dutch seem to have accepted the ”new” diverse-and-inclusive society that has been thrust on them. I heard from people in the Netherlands many years ago that Amsterdam at that time was full of Middle Easterners, both Moslems and some Sephardim from the Middle East. The Dutch also have the “Indos’, mixed Dutch and Indonesian people who came to the Netherlands when the Dutch were expelled from Indonesia post-World War II. During the days of the Dutch colonies in the ‘East Indies’ there was considerable mixture on the part of the Dutch with the native people, particularly Dutch men with Native wives and concubines, hence the numbers of mixed-race people. The Dutch and the mixed offspring were sent back to Holland when Indonesia became independent, a fact that is often forgotten when people bemoan the impossibility of sending people back where they came from. Many of the Dutch repatriated after the war were born in Indonesia and had never seen Holland — but nonetheless, back to their ancestral country they went. Some came to America, ultimately, by the way.

But if the Dutch could be sent ‘home’ after their families had been in South Asia for generations, why can’t the non-Europeans be repatriated? Just a rhetorical question.

Now if even the tolerant Dutch are reacting against the colonizing of Europe by countless ‘refugees’, you can bet things must be getting bad. You’d think the overlords would get a clue, but it seems unlikely that they will rethink their mad plan to ethnically cleanse Europe.

2 thoughts on “Even the Dutch may be getting fed up

  1. AnalogMan – yes, I mentioned the South African situation in an earlier post. I know a good few Dutch Americans and if only they cared as much about their (our) cousins in SA and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, rather than raising money to adopt African or Haitian babies or dig wells for the Africans — something might be done to help the people who are under threat in SA.

    {When I used the term “their/our cousins” above referring to the South African Whites, it's because I have some Dutch blood, as I used to mention on my earlier blog. I'm troubled by the fact that so few Dutch Americans seem to have any feeling of connection to their kin.)


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