Darwinism, HBD, egalitarianism

Add Christianity to the above list of subjects and you have a recent post at Faith and Heritage. I find these subjects compelling but also very vexing for a Christian and a non-egalitarian. It seems that almost all those who self-identify as Christian also accept Darwinism and the idea of ”evolution”, to some degree or another.
It’s troubling to me that so very, very few Christians are able or even willing to defend the Biblical point of view, or God’s word, instead choosing to meet ”science” (falsely so-called) halfway, and concede some points to the evolution cult members.

For example most Christians say they believe that God created humans but that since Adam and Eve, the various races have ‘developed’ from our original parents; in other words, two people created the same (Eve was created from Adam, remember) somehow produced offspring of multiple races. People seem honestly to accept this implausible idea because ”science proves it.”

I suppose you might say that those who say they are Christians believe that evolution did not produce the original human beings (Adam and Eve) but evolution took over when Adam and Eve had offspring and this resulted in the development of widely differing races.

So they do believe in ”evolution” within the Adamic line, just not in apes evolving into humans spontaneously, or life evolving from nothing randomly.

My background is not in the sciences though I did study a lot of anthropology in college (and argued with my teachers about Darwin’s Conjecture, even though I was not a Christian back then); I just did not see any solid proof of Darwin’s hypothesis or speculation, and nothing has come along since then to alter that.

A Theory is just that; it’s not proof, certainly not incontrovertible proof.

But I can’t argue HBDers who are scholars in this particular field, or even avid lay followers of developments in that field; I am not a specialist, yet most of us aren’t, nor can we be. Only a relative few are educated in that area, but common sense should count for something.

Science, as we all know, is not infallible (just witness the travesty of ‘scientists’ selling out on “Climate change’ or global warming, warble gloaming, whatever it’s called). Science is heavily under the influence of the Marxist egalitarian politically correct worldview, and even if it were not, the fact remains that science is nothing more nor less than just the sum total of human observation and ‘knowledge.’ I put the term ‘knowledge’ in scare quotes for a reason. Science once “knew”, back in the 19th century, that meteorites could not have fallen from the skies because science ”knew” that there were no stones in the skies.  Just as it was once declared impossible for a heavier-than-air craft to fly. Bumblebee flight was declared aerodynamically impossible.

Lots of things that were beyond question, according to science, are now accepted. But science never has the last word, and never will, because it is impossible for us to know all that could be known of the universe. Science is just accumulated human observation and speculation, much of which has been or will be discarded when newer ”knowledge” supplants it.

Science can’t be infallible because it’s a product of flawed and limited humans.

Human reason is imperfect. Human beings are fallen, and pride and self-deception are endemic to human nature. That last sentence, of course, might not be accepted by non-Christians but Christians believe it to be so, and the real world demonstrates evidence of flawed and warped human nature.

But for the Christian who is inclined to accept some facet or form of Darwinism, I put this question out there in hopes of provoking some thought or questioning of the generally accepted quasi-Darwinistic beliefs: were Adam and Eve the progenitors of every being called ‘homo sapiens’ on earth? Why are Adam and Eve created later, chronologically, per the Genesis account?  ‘Man’ is created earlier, before Adam and then Eve. Adam is given a special mission or purpose: to till the ground, and to be a steward of all Creation. Of course that’s just part of it.

And if Adam and Eve were the parents of all mankind, how did their son Cain leave to go live amongst other people, and how would there have been cities ‘out there’ when Cain is sentenced to wander after his crime? Who were the ”other people” he expressed fear of?

I know that mainstream egalitarian Christianity has its facile ”answers” to these questions, which I have not found convicincing.

But if you believe that Adam and Eve were the parents of all humans, then you end up believing that ”there is only one race: the human race” and ”we are all brothers under the skin” etc., though Christians did not always believe this stuff. We are not automatically ‘God’s Children’, no matter what Churchians say in this 21st century.

Regardless of how a Christian explains the discrepancies on the above questions, I don’t see how one can be a Christian who believes in the truth of the Bible and be at the same time accepting of Darwinism and its implausibilities. The two worldviews are in conflict. Darwinists ridicule Christians credulity on ‘silly things’ like Creation or the Virgin Birth yet they believe nothingness just decided to become life, and that Adam and Eve gave birth to Diversity.

I keep wishing for some Christian(s) to really champion Biblical faith vs. Darwin, and there’s far too little engaging going on. I am not the one to do that, but I just hope to plant some seeds of questions for Christians to ponder, so that Christians will not just by degrees, fall prey to scientism.

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