Deserting a ‘sinking’ ship

I am still shaking my head over the growing numbers of Russophiles on the ”right”, especially amongst those who more or less call themselves ethnopatriots or ethnonationalists. I mean, being somewhat favorable towards Russia and its government is different from talking about emigrating to Russia.

Much of this infatuation with Russia seems to be based on a couple of things, mainly, an admiration for Vladimir Putin. But just ask some of the ethnonationalists in or from Russia what they think of Putin. The other factor seems to be the presence of RT, ”Russia Today”” I believe it’s called, the propaganda outlet that is directed mainly at us here in America and in Britain. Haven’t watchers noticed how most of the newsreaders or ”pundits” on RT are raving lefties, often urban types, people who expatriated themselves because they dislike their own country and people? I viewed RT when it was a new channel on Roku and I quickly had their number. If RT does report things that are too politically incorrect for our controlled media, it seems to be intended mainly to give this country a black eye, and to foment anti-American feeling.

Before anybody calls me a ‘patriotard’, I just remind them that there is a difference between the old-fashioned blind kind of patriotism, ”my country, right or wrong” and a love for one’s folk, one’s heritage, way of life, history. I like being amongst my own, amongst people with whom I share an implicit understanding based on a shared ancestry, history, heritage, preferences, habits, culture, attitude, style of expression, food. Even little things like body language, nuance, all those things that make communication flow better. This is all missing when you are with people of a very different culture and different habits of living, ways of thinking, different emotional style, different rules of etiquette and interaction. If you haven’t ever lived outside your country, and I am not talking about just a vacation here and there, but living elsewhere among foreign people, you really don’t know how alienating it can be. And this is true even when you are in a country with a similar culture and people, such as Ireland. Despite the ubiquitous popular ‘culture’ and mass media, and a shared language, Ireland is quite different, and the people are not ”just like us”. No other people are ”just like us”, no matter that they may dress in American styles, eat American fast food, listen to American music. People are just not interchangeable. This is an idea I’ve stressed on this blog. Yet so many, especially the younger Americans, think all ”White” people are pretty much the same in all the ways that matter, so we can just pick up and run to Europe or to Russia and fit right in there.

And besides Russian women are ”hot”, so American men are wont to say. They all look like willowy supermodels, as the trustworthy media show us.

Then there’s this factor: maybe the Russians (or whichever nationality you prefer) don’t want us moving en masse — or even in smaller numbers — to their already multiculturalized country. Maybe they prefer Russia for the Russians — though it has not been so for a long, long time. Some younger Americans with immigrant parents or grandparents blithely say they are dual citizens and are all set to pack up for the Old Country when things get unbearable here. But in many of those ‘old countries’ that your parents and grandparents came from, they will consider you ”just an American”, not as one of them, despite your ancestry. That was what I heard when I was in Ireland: the Irish viewed Irish-Americans as Americans, first and foremost, and were somewhat bemused at the Irish-Americans considering that they were Irish foremost. ‘Yanks’ is how the Irish-Irish viewed their American cousins. And many Irish have a distinctly anti-American feeling these days. Even if you agree with their anti-Americanism (which many on the ”right” do these days) you are still a Yank from a country that is resented and disliked by many, not just in Ireland but elsewhere in Europe.

Personally I wouldn’t be happy living in a country where my native country and heritage were resented and despised by many. I can’t be that self-hating, and above all I know that my people are not deserving of the bad feeling that so much of the world has for us. Much of their antipathy is based on the same old envy of the successful and the strong (which we once were) that ‘conservatives’ used to instinctively reject. It’s a loser mentality to resent the strong and successful, and to make virtue of victimhood.

Many would-be expatriates are, I think, wanting to run away from their Americanness because they are too quick to succumb to the leftist anti-American/anti-White propaganda. They have internalized it. Why is it that so many ‘ethnopatriots’ or WNs repeat the same slurs against America as the lefties and nonwhites do? Terms like ‘Amurka’ or other such putdowns toward ‘flyover country’ heartland America. Rural heartland Americans, according to this line of thought,¬† are all dumb hicks, ‘trailer trash’ or they are flag-waving dupes¬† with low IQs, and all the rest of the bad stereotypes. On this, much of the ‘right’ of today agrees with the likes of Michael Moore.

We need not be flag-waving blind jingoists (as the left has always called Americans who are loyal to their folk or country) but why run to the opposite extreme of knee-jerk reacting, and becoming an America-hating American, or trying to run away from being what we are?

My patriotism and loyalty is primarily to the South, though the South is under an occupation government since 1865. But despite the fact that we are a folk without a state to represent us, or to protect our interests and our existence, that is not a reason to run away to some alien land where you will never be ‘one of the people’, where you may never master the language and culture, and where you may be hated for your nationality.

I don’t expect to dissuade any of the Russophiles or Americaphobes or whatever, but I do want to point out that if we are truly ethnopatriots or ethnoloyalists we should want to stick it out in the land of our fathers, and to act in solidarity with our own folk who cannot or would not leave this country. If the young and able leave this country to find an easier time (so they think) in other peoples’ countries, a lot of decent people of our own flesh and blood will be left to their fate as increasingly isolated and surrounded by minorities in their land. Are we really that atomized and so ”ruggedly individualistic’ in the Randian sense that we will abandon our own, especially our elders, to their fate while we slink off? What about all our dear departed, whose graves we leave behind?

Where does loyalty and group solidarity come in? Are we really believers in the ”proposition nation” idea after all, if we think that because we agree with or admire Vladimir Putin that we ”belong” to Russia more than to the land where our fathers died? Is it all about politics and ideology after all, or is there no such thing as blood ties, love for land and soil, loyalty to those who are bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh?

I suppose the most dedicated Russophiles are determined to jump ship, and if so, I say godspeed, good luck. We are probably better off if those without loyalty to their own leave us. But common sense should dictate that they at least get to know a number of Russian people here first, and try to learn the (very difficult) language, and perhaps ask the many Russians living here why they are not back in their native land, being as it’s such a Christian and free country now. At least visit the Al Fin Next Level blog now and then for his very informed take on the real situation in the Russian promised land, not the ”RT” propaganda.