Corsican disturbances

The recent attacks by ”refugees” on firefighters on the island of Corsica led to reprisals by local people. They vandalized a mosque, and the usual denunciations by authorities followed. As everywhere in the West, the authorities side with the invaders and respond to the local citizenry’s concerns by warning them not to carry out any further action against the Moslem ”refugees”.

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls called the vandalism in the mosque a ”desecration”, a choice of language that betrays bias, because it indicates that Valls considers a mosque ”sacred.” Only something sacred can be “desecrated.” In this country, when churches are vandalized (not an infrequent occurrence) the media always refer to such crimes as just vandalism, not desecration. Why are Mohammedan places and symbols given more respect and reverence than our native Christian places of worship and symbols? Language matters. And in their language, the authorities and their media mouthpieces betray that they don’t regard our religion as sacred or holy, only the Mohammedan cult. Their immediate reaction is to defend and protect the Mohammedans, and to warn the local people. This is the case in our country, as in Europe. Only we are warned not to act out against the Mahometans; they are never warned not to attack us.

The Corsicans, it must be remembered, are not French except in a political sense; their island is under French rule, but they consider themselves a different people, and there has been persistent nationalistic feeling and a Corsican independence movement. Considering their ethnonationalism/ethnopatriotism, it isn’t surprising that they would assert their rights in their own territory. The angry Corsican citizens shouted ”This is our home!”at the refugees they confronted. This may be seen as ”instigating hatred” by the politically correct French authorities but it is nothing more than a healthy response by a people who are asserting their right to exercise control over who lives on their small island. This has normally been assumed to be the right of every sovereign people, especially those whose ancestors have held the same land for thousands of years. It’s only in our insane postmodern world that we are being told that we have no such rights; that every invader or every stray with a hard-luck story and a claim to victimhood has just as much right on our land as we have — in fact, more right. It’s high time that people began to shout out that the politically correct emperor has no clothes. Since when does every human being have a ”right” to live anywhere he pleases, regardless of the wishes of the existing possessors of the land?

You and I have no right to go and live in any country we choose, unless the people of that country grant permission via visas or documentation of some sort. Most of us cannot even go to the lands our ancestors came from because those lands now accept only Third World basket cases. So once dispossessed in the lands in which we were born, we will have no refuge to take us in, as our ancestral countries will have been given away by the traitorous ”leadership” of those countries, and given away to people like these violent and ungrateful ”refugees” in Corsica.

Russia Today, that politically correct leftist media outlet curiously favored by many alt-right types, reports that the French government has banned any further protests by the Corsicans. So far the Corsicans seem ready to ignore this ban. Maybe this kind of thing will strengthen the Corsican independence movement, as they see that the French authorities are determined to ethnically cleanse them and essentially replace them.

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