Problems with Blogger

Google/Blogger keeps trying to lock me out of my blogger account and saying that there is ”something different about the way” I’m logging in, which there is not.

Tech support/customer service is of no help; there’s no way to find a link to communicate with anyone who can or will fix the problem. They seem determined to discourage me from posting so I may be forced to start blogging elsewhere, on some other blogging platform. Maybe that’s the idea.

So if my posts stop it is probably due to this recurring problem. I will announce if I have decided to move the blog or start another — provided Google allows me to log in to tell you anything.

One thought on “Problems with Blogger

  1. I had a similar problem once. They threatened to permablock me, due to some red mischief. (The same red got me simultaneously blocked for a day or two at Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, as well.) I just waited it out at the aforementioned sites/services. This may have something that can help you.

    Another method for posting is via email, which I have used with success, though not necessarily to get around a block. However, this requires that you be able to sign in, so it may not help. But if they drop the current block, immediately set yourself up with a email posting password for the next time.

    Use email to post a blog
    To turn on posting by email:
    1. Sign in to Blogger.
    2. Select the blog to update.
    3. In the left menu, click Settings > Mobile and email.
    4. Under “Email,” set your unique email and settings in Posting using email.
    5. Choose whether to publish automatically or save as a draft and publish them yourself.
    To post by email:
    1. Create an email with your post title as the subject.
    2. The body of the email will be the post.
    o To mark the end of your post, enter #end.
    o To include an image, attach an image to your email.
    3. Send the email to your unique email address (username.[secretword]
    Note: This email address must be kept private or anyone who emails this unique email address will be able to post as you on your blog.

    Warning: In past years, I never had a problem posting via email (save for fruit salad code that came as a by-product). However, the other day, when I did this, the post showed up as an email with my secret password showing in the post. I immediately deleted it, but anyone could have seen it in that moment, and yes, I should have replaced it. BTW, I’ve had to replace my blog password 3X in the past year, due to the same hacker/phisher. There’s a new, computerized, mathematical malware that runs every possible password for each blog/website, until it cracks it.

    Hope this helped, or that Google relents shortly. Its goons love to intimidate Dissident Right bloggers.

    With Best Christmas and New Year’s Wishes.


    Nicholas Stix


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