Jeff Sessions stands alone

Most of the other Republicans (including the mainstream Republicans’ darlling, Ted Cruz) lined up on the opposite side from Jeff Sessions when it came to voting on Sessions’ proposal to limit legal immigration. Alabama should be proud of Jeff Sessions. Texas’ Congressmen seem sold out to ”multiculti Texas” and the modern myth that Hispanics ”fought… Continue reading Jeff Sessions stands alone

Even the Dutch may be getting fed up

We haven’t heard much about the Netherlands in all these stories of resistance in Europe. From all I have read and heard, the Netherlands have been ”diverse” and multicultural for some years now, and the post-Christian Dutch seem to have accepted the ”new” diverse-and-inclusive society that has been thrust on them. I heard from people… Continue reading Even the Dutch may be getting fed up

Chaos in Germany’s refugee camps

This story, which is one of a number of such stories, surely gives the lie to the motto that ‘‘diversity is our strength.” Diversity, especially amongst widely disparate groups of people, leads inexorably to conflict. That conflict may end up in violence, as we are seeing in these refugee riot stories. This particular incident involved… Continue reading Chaos in Germany’s refugee camps

Clerics meddling, so where’s the ACLU now?

Or that group headed by left-wing cleric Barry Lynn, something like Americans for Separation of Church and State? Oh that’s right; they only want church and state separated when the church involved is traditional and Bible-based. Left-wing ‘churches’ get free rein to meddle in politics. I seem to remember those pro-separation types going after people… Continue reading Clerics meddling, so where’s the ACLU now?

The Founding Fathers on immigration

“My opinion with respect to immigration,” said Washington, “is that, except for mechanics and particular description of men and professions, there is no use in its encouragement.” Alexander Hamilton stated: “The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion;… Continue reading The Founding Fathers on immigration

Just following the words of Gandhi

On the old blog I was frequently told by various somebodies (probably trying to sound a moderate note versus my ”immoderate” one) that ‘‘of course, immigrants aren’t to blame; they are just pawns, being used by the Elites against us”, or some variation thereof. But by that reasoning, suppose someone is hired to break into… Continue reading Just following the words of Gandhi

Mass migration as a weapon?

The Washington Times reports a continuing surge of ”children” crossing the Southern border (or what used to be a border),overwhelming immigration officials. Is anyone out there, anyone with any sense, who believes this is all just spontaneous, just poor, desperate people looking for a ”better life”? It could be halted — if there was the… Continue reading Mass migration as a weapon?

Refugee resettlement racket still full steam ahead

And damn the torpedoes.Despite the efforts of many states and their governors to stop this refugee resettlement juggernaut, these ”religious” agencies who are happily defying the expressed will of the people will go on raking in their money  from the government. For their grubby thirty pieces of silver, they are selling out the native citizenry… Continue reading Refugee resettlement racket still full steam ahead

Cruz and Paul react to Trump’s positions

 Breitbart News tells us: “Presidential Candidates Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY) are demanding a halt to immigration from Muslim [sic] nations with jihadist movements.” While it’s good that Cruz and Paul are saying these things, talk is cheap. And no matter what the supporters of Cruz and Rand Paul say, these men are… Continue reading Cruz and Paul react to Trump’s positions