Showing true colors

An illustration, if one is needed, of how being of recent immigrant stock tends to make one pro-open borders.

Nimrata Randhawa, better known as ”Nikki Haley”, the governor  of South Carolina, defended immigration and implicitly attacked Donald Trump for his immigration-restriction position.

She said that ”during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices”,, and this was part of her “official response” from the GOP the Democrat State of the Union Address. It sounds more like the GOP’s official response to Donald Trump. Nimrata, I mean, ”Nikki”, you are not supposed to be debating one of your own party here, but responding to the President’s SOTU.

Nimrata thinks that nobody who ”works hard” and ”follows the laws” should be unwelcome in this country. Sounds very much like open borders to me, though she took pains to deny that she favors wide-open doors. She did say that ”properly vetted” refugees and immigrants should be welcomed in — but those in authority claim that they have no means or manpower to actually vet the millions upon millions who would come here if they could. How, as the government itself admits, can we possibly vet people from backward countries with poor record-keeping, countries which may in fact actually be war-torn and chaotic? Can’t be done.  Can’t.  Be.  Done.

And what of the fact that many, many immigrants and refugees (with or without the scare quotes) carry proven forged or stolen documents? In this day and age of technology that makes convincing counterfeits cheap and easy to produce, how on earth can documents simply be taken at face value? Yet the deranged ideologues in charge, who never met an immigrant or ‘refugee’ they didn’t love, say we have to gamble, big-time, and simply let everybody in if they say they are from a ‘war-torn’ country and that they are fleeing for their lives.

But back to Governor Nimrata’s statement that nobody who works hard and ‘obeys the laws’ should be kept out, how, Miss Nimrata, do we know that this is true of those who would enter our country? Do we just ask them, ”do you work hard? Will you obey our laws”? Of course they would answer yes, unless they are incredibly stupid. They have every incentive to lie, and yet we would just take them at their word. What fools we must seem to the rest of the world.

The fact is there is no way to vet people for their work ethic or their future willingness to obey our laws. Most, the vast majority of today’s immigrants/refugees, come from countries with legal systems and codes of ethics that are totally alien to our own. Most come from countries with no tradition of a Rule of Law. This is especially true of those from countries with Sharia Law, whose codes are diametrically opposed to ours in most ways, and those from those countries wish to establish zones where their mockery of a legal system prevails. How, Nikki, can we get around that?

And suppose we could prove irrefutably that we were admitting only those who are ”hard-working” and ”law-abiding” (which we can’t)? Even if all of them had the qualities mentioned, those requirements are rock-bottom minimal for becoming a good citizen of this country.  Shouldn’t we aim a little higher than that, if we must let more immigrants in? We can be choosy, since there are so many would-bes.

How many more ”hard-working” landscapers, street-sweepers, Mexican waiters, Ethiopian cab drivers, Somali meat-processors, Caribbean ‘nannies’, Vietnamese nail-shop workers does our economy need? And though we seem to need health-care workers, we need some who are native English-speakers. And no, Nimrata, not just any immigrant or immigrant’s child can become governor of a Southern American state as a first-generation ”American,” you and Piyush Jindal notwithstanding.

Actually, that example seems to prove that just about any first generation immigrant CAN in fact jump to being governor of a state in this country. Another example was former Washington State governor Gary Locke, who, his English-sounding name notwithstanding, was Chinese, though he was third-generation.

In this age of ”affirmative action” in which people are not judged by the content of their character or their qualifications but by the color of their skin, or by the ”diversity” slot they help to fill, it helps a lot to have an exotic nonwhite, especially non-Christian background, or a Hispanic surname, as with Rafael ”Ted” Cruz.

Meanwhile the city of Seattle has a Communist/Socialist Hindu immigrant firebrand on their City Council, and now is feting a new Hispanic council member.

One more issue is involved here in this story: that of the reasons why our Founding Fathers specified that people of foreign origins were not to hold high office. The fact is that even if they become ”assimilated”, whatever that may mean, they maintain their loyalty to IMMIGRANTS, and to immigration. They seem to take it personally that some Americans, perhaps many or most Americans, want to preserve our country as it is, before further irrevocable changes come about because of wholesale population replacement.

Nimrata Randhawa seems to take it personally that her parents were ”different” and she probably harbors some kind of resentments towards Americans she believed treated her parents ”differently” because of their customs, accents, or their foreign name. Hence her adoption of an Americanized name, as also with Piyush (now ”Bobby”) Jindal or ”Ted” Cruz. Most Immigrant-Americans, even those whose immigrant ancestry was more than a couple of generations back, seem to identify more with the immigrants and with their alleged ‘persecution’, bridling at the idea that their ancestors might have been turned away if those evil nativist Americans had had their way. They then see themselves as the friends and champions for the poor mistreated immigrants/refugees, siding against the native-stock people of this country. In fact, if they truly were Americans, they should also see the virtue in restricting, if not halting, immigration, and of accepting only those who are most compatible with the traditional people and culture of this country.

The immigrant descendants who so idealize the immigrant mythos (including the ‘persecution’ meme) and who romanticize today’s immigrants/refugees as being only the purest and noblest and most deserving of people, should instead admit that had it not been for those old-time Anglo-Americans who were generous enough to let your ancestors in when in fact they need not have done so, your ancestors may have been turned away and may have faced a much harder time in the homeland they ran away from. But then it is not up to America to save everybody, especially at our own expense, and the expense of our children, who will almost surely be vastly outnumbered in their rightful land.

Nobody had to let in the previous floods of immigrants. Some Americans balked at mass immigration because they foresaw problems in the future; they were proven right.

They are being proven right. Every day.

The immigrants’ descendants are biting the hands that fed their great-grandparents. They are repaying past Americans’ generosity with disloyalty. It’s about time that someone highlighted this. These open borders Immigrant-‘Americans’ are siding with those who would obliterate what is left of this country, because of their own pride and vanity, because they have been trained to believe that ”immigrants” are indispensable to this country. They think that this country couldn’t have done without their ancestors, or themselves. They also seem to want to punish the Anglo or White Americans they’ve been taught to resent.

And one more thing: those who support Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz are saying that his citizenship should not be an issue, and that his ‘American’ loyalties would only be questioned by bigots. But electing someone of foreign birth, no matter how ”Americanized” he or she is on the surface, is a bad idea. It takes more than just American schooling to make an American who can or will represent the ‘generational’ American. Look at how Nimrata Randhawa Haley has trashed Southron culture and heritage. She, not coming of American, specifically Southron stock, has no clue. I don’t know that Cruz has any deeper understanding than his Sikh counterpart, despite his years in Texas. One who has no Southron roots and no real experience of Southron culture and family life is not qualified, as with Governor Haley, to have any feeling of respect or loyalty or kinship-feeling — because she is not kin, and can only ever be an outsider to the South. I hold that anybody who does not have roots in the South that go back to that era, at least, has no right to have a real opinion about it; they have no dog in the fight. Haley is serving her GOP masters, who are part of the War on the South. We don’t know that Cruz has any more feeling for or loyalty to the South and the heritage than does Haley. In any case, he is only an American on paper, having been born elsewhere.

Christians know that we are to elect leaders from among our own people. Not just people with the right paperwork and documents but people who are of us, not just among us.

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