‘The Local’: worse than our media

Apparently the reaction to the mass assaults on women by ‘refugees’ in Cologne and elsewhere was worse than the assaults themselves. What kind of insane ethical system looks at the world this way? The idea of the native population actually objecting to the mass violation of its women is just too much for the staff of The Local.

In what sense are these media hacks even ‘our’ media anymore? Could they possibly be more hostile to the interests of the local people, the indigenous people, even if they were all aliens from an enemy planet?

What I am saying about the German media applies also to the excuse for ”news media” that we have to put up with here in this country, or anywhere in the West.

And yet some deny that there is any overall pattern to this; it’s just coincidence that only ”diversities” and anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-White ‘journalists’ are  the only kind to be found? Who speaks for us? Who represents us?



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