It just keeps getting worse

Now it’s being revealed that the authorities in Germany had been covering up earlier assaults on German women and girls, including the ”welcome” party for the ‘refugees’ in Cologne.

Officials also covered up incidents in other cities, as with the New Year’s Eve assaults.

“They also “covered up” similar incidents in other cities including Dusseldorf and Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. “

I shudder to ask how much worse it can get; I am afraid we will find out, as ”authorities” sit on their hands and continue to cover up any violence on the part of their shock troops, I mean, ‘refugees’.

It does appear that the native population is starting to resist all these attacks, and absent any protection from ”their” government, people are starting to take vigilante action.

I think about the Old West, in which citizens took it into their own hands to protect their families, themselves, and their property. And that was because in the early days of settlement, there was no established ”law and order” to act as official law enforcement. And it appears that in much of Europe, the governments have abdicated any responsibility to defend the indigenous people from invasion or other violations of the peace. So absent any effective (or willing) authorities, people are acting out. What do the authorities imagine will happen as they refuse to act on behalf of the people they supposedly serve?

5 thoughts on “It just keeps getting worse

  1. To me, this is all a precursor to a fascist revival in Germany. The national spirit coupled with a need for retribution is exactly how Hitler ascended to power, given the over representation of Jews in Germany as thousands of native Germans starved. Now people are tired of the Muslims and with the absence action by the governing body, people will look to others as a means to remove the parasites from the desert.


    • Nick – you may be right, in that when a pendulum swings to its extreme in one direction it has to swing back to the opposite extreme. The present regime(s) in Europe, Germany and some others, are just as totalitarian, if not more so, than the fascist regimes of the past which have been reviled. If they are already under totalitarian rule what can they lose by instituting an authoritarian system that is at least meant to uphold the interests of the German people as opposed to hostile and dangerous outsiders.


    • Nick, I did actually make a page on the old blog, a page with links to various sources on the South. The page must not have transferred over, maybe it wasn’t linked properly to the blog site proper.
      I will have to try to re-do it here.
      Sorry for the delay with that.


    • Nick – believe it or not I did post a static page, supplemental to the old blog with links to various books on the South, Reconstruction, etc. It evidently did not transfer over. Maybe it was not linked up properly with the regular blog pages.
      I will have to try to re-do it on this blog.
      Sorry for the delay on that.


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