Covering up for the ‘migrants’

The people at ‘Calais Migrant Solidarity’ don’t want anyone to see the video at the link, so that’s enough reason for me to post it. The video needs to go viral, the better to foil any attempts at covering up for the crimes of the ”migrants”.

See it for yourself but the story is that two Dutch filmmakers/journalists were attacked at the aptly named Calais ‘Jungle’ camp by the migrants whose ”plight” they presumably came to record and report.

Pity that the journalists were attacked, but if they are typical journos whose hearts always bleed for the wrong people (death row convicts, criminal ‘migrants’ and rape-u-gees) then I hope the attack wasn’t all for naught. I hope they learned something by their bad experience, namely, that sympathy should be tempered with justice and common sense.

The German government, along with the Swedish authorities and media, and the rest of the government-media complex have been busy little bees trying to sweep under the rug the various misdeeds and outrages of the migrants against the local populace.

This leads to the obvious question: if these ‘migrants’ are just poor victims in search of a better life, then there should not be anything TO cover up. Has that not ever occurred to any of the people in charge? Governments and journalists: if your little protegees are innocent and pure as the driven snow, why do you have any reason to lie for them or hide what they are doing? For that matter, why are the media and governments sneaking these people in to towns in the dead of night, keeping their arrival secret even from local officials?


Meantime, it’s well for journalists and other bleeding hearts to take to heart this saying: a wise man learns from the experiences of others. In other words, to make it simple, don’t insist on learning the hard way. And above all, stop trying to compel the rest of us to learn more ‘hard lessons’ by having these ‘migrants’ dropped in our midst.

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