Toxic belief systems

At the Secular Right blog, we find a post discussing the idea, suggested by Ed West at The Spectator, that multiculturalism is a ‘sacred idea’, at least to those who believe in it.

Of course it’s a sacred idea. Many of us on the reactionary end of the political spectrum have said so for some time. In fact, all of the beliefs of the leftist side of politics are substitutes for a real religion, as our culture has abandoned its Christian roots. Marxism, both the economic and cultural varieties, especially the latter, are in competition with Christianity, offering competing beliefs about human nature which are more acceptable to a narcissistic, self-flattering population. Nobody wants to hear about fallen human nature, original sin, or any of the ‘hard’ teachings of Christianity. We are in the age in which people want to hear flatteries, and to have their ‘ears tickled’ as the Bible phrases it. Leftists begin with delusional ideas, such as the notion that human beings are ‘basically good’, and explains human wrongdoing as being caused by unjust or unfair societies, bad environments. (Don’t ask them why ‘basically good’ humans produce so many bad societies and environments; their brains will short-circuit if you do.)

The belief that human beings are born pure and innocent and are corrupted only by evil ‘society’ is the basis of the ”noble savage” idea, associated with Rousseau. And it is the image of the ‘noble savage’ that is behind the strong taboos against criticizing or disliking any non-white, especially Third Worlders, which includes most immigrants. It is this that lies behind the unwillingness of the authorities, the media, et al, to believe anything bad of the ”refugees.” It is this dogmatic belief in the innocence of everyone but White Christians  which leads to massive denial when any wrongdoing by the ‘victim group’ is alleged.

Leftists particularly hate Christianity because it is in opposition to all the pet ideas of the left, and they cannot bear to be challenged or opposed, even by a very weakened Christianity. Notice that leftists do not oppose Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or the multifarious ‘New Age’ belief systems, mainly because those religions don’t challenge their Marxist/Jacobin ‘religion’. In fact if leftists have any religion at all it is likely to be one of the above, or some homemade patchwork of all of the above. Those few leftists (and needless to say, all leftists are multiculturalists in my experience) who profess Christianity are liberal first and foremost, and if their brand of Christianity is not liberal enough they will abandon it for a more politically correct church. Their sympathies are obvious.

Multiculturalism is a sacred cow, not just metaphorically but in a very real sense. Whereas Christendom in most places had laws against blasphemy, for example, leftist multicult regimes have ‘hate speech’ laws, shielding the multicult and their client groups from criticism. Criticism of the core beliefs of the multicult are blasphemous and not therefore protected as free speech.

It’s not just ironically or in jest when I refer (as I often do here) to immigrants as ”the Sainted immigrants” or to ‘Sacred Multiculturalism’ or ‘worshipping at the altar of multiculturalism.’ I use these terms in earnest.

I’ve also spoken of ‘sacrifices on the altar of multiculturalism’ or the ‘hungry gods of the multicult’. And that is what we are now seeing in Europe on a large scale: there are people being raped, attacked, beaten, harassed, even killed. In the name of a crazy belief system, and I am not referring here to Islam.

It is no wry joke anymore.

Was it worse in heathen cultures where virgins were thrown into volcanoes, for example, to appease the gods, or when Middle Eastern peoples ‘passed their children through the fire’ to appease Moloch?

I think Kurt Vonnegut, the writer so beloved of the lefties, wrote of how some ideas, for some susceptible people, were toxic and deadly.

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