Trading ”racists” for…

The deluded young female in the photo at this link thinks that she prefers — wait for it — rapists to ”racists.” This should be filed under the heading ”don’t let this happen to your daughter”, and by ‘this’, I mean: at all costs, don’t let your daughter be infected with that particular plague called ‘ liberalism’ or ‘progressivism.’ Obviously, it’s only ‘progressive’ in the sense that some deadly disease is ‘progressive’, meaning it gets worse over time.

We might laugh this off as a bad parody, but the blogger who posted it says there’s no evidence suggesting it’s a joke or a send-up. Progressivism including ‘feminism’ has become a parody of itself in recent years, as there’s nothing to put limits on it, nobody who can call time on it.

So assuming this sentiment and the feminist mental case expressing it are in earnest, let’s think about what this means. It shouldn’t surprise us that someone in today’s upside-down world thinks that something called a ”racist” is morally worse than someone who forcibly violates another in the most personal and degrading way. We recently read of how German authorities believed that speaking ill of the rape-u-gees was worse than the acts of rape. Think of that. That’s how morally lost our official society has become. Once we are cut loose from our Christian morality we no longer have any sound basis for a moral and ethical system. I realize the secularists, especially atheists and agnostics, take issue with that statement but they don’t have any credible arguments on their side.

But when words, even mildly critical words are worse than rape or molestation, and when committing intimate violence is to be preferred over holding a negative or even skeptical opinion of another group of people, it’s obvious most people, particularly those on the left, have no moral discernment and are disqualified from any kind of moral ‘reasoning.’ They should never be allowed to sit on a jury, for example.

And maybe the fact that women are prone to this kind of moral deficiency is another argument in favor of removing the franchise from females.

But as far as this sentiment that a ”racist” is the worst possible sort of human being, lower even that rapist/molesters/deviants, I remember when James Edwards, I think, wrote about how Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious killer-cannibal/sex deviant, got up during his trial and pleaded with those in the courtroom not to label him as a ”racist”. Some of Dahmer’s victims were black, and so Dahmer was accused of ”racism” but he begged to be exonerated of that particular ”crime”, though he admitted he was a killer, a necrophiliac, and cannibal. But he was not a racist at least — so he pleaded. He had his self-respect and ‘good name’ to uphold, so he apparently thought. He knew how crazy our moral priorities are now; anything is forgivable except the dreaded ”r-word.”

The frightening thing about the smug, smirking young feminist in the photo is that she represents a sizable minority of deluded ‘progressives’ who believe as she does Worse, the people who hold high office obviously agree with her. That’s scary.


One thought on “Trading ”racists” for…

  1. “We recently read of how German authorities believed that speaking ill of the rape-u-gees was worse than the acts of rape.”

    This is the logic of Political Correctness. Words matter more than anything else. Words matter more than deeds.

    In a bizarre kind of way the PC Thought Police are right about this, for the wrong reasons (and for evil reasons). They use words as weapons, and they use them very successfully. They are more concerned with policing words than actions. So far it has brought them near to total victory in the Culture Wars. They have created a situation in which words are more powerful than guns. If you control the Narrative you control the way people speak.
    If you control the way people speak you control the way people think. If you control the way people think you control society. It is of course evil and deranged but they’re simply following the logic of their own ghastly ideology.

    And the poor silly foot soldiers of Cultural Marxism, like this lunatic woman, just cannot comprehend how completely they’re being misled and manipulated into acting against their own interests.


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