Pushback? Capitulation.

Following on my previous post, I am sorry to report that the blogger in question, who seemed to be drawing support by standing up for herself, quickly seemed to have caved to the PC blackmailer.

Her blog is now festooned with lots of “diversity”, and just think, we still have all of ‘Black History Month’ to look forward to. I expect there will be pictures galore of Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Malcolm Little, Michael King, and all the rest of the  pantheon. However I will not be following said blogger.

It’s sad how easily people back down based on what really is not much more than ‘peer pressure.’ Granted, it’s harder for some than for others to maintain integrity and not feel the need to conform to the trends of the day, to popular opinion, and to follow one’s own principles rather than trying to please everyone. Maybe only a few people these days are capable of doing that, and maybe that’s why there is this ‘bandwagon effect’ that has given so much impetus to the politically correct worldview.

But it may be that much of this conformity to political correctness is no deeper than any other ‘fashion trend’; it seems to many young people in particular that being PC, bowing down at the altar to ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ is simply a marker of how ‘cool’, hip, trendy one is. The ‘hipster’/boho trend is very strong among a fairly large segment of the young and the sixties ‘counterculture’ ethos is just part of that.

So much of what many people do is ascribable to nothing more than wanting to be accepted amongst a certain group of people perceived as being social arbiters. People will often go along in hopes of attaining some of that ascribed status. And as most young people’s morality is strictly limited to matters such as race/gender ‘equality’ and matters of food (the popularity of ‘veganism,’ etc.) they hew to its dictates that much more strongly. But will that continue to be the case?

For now, for what it’s worth, I am still unconvinced that the millennial age group is ‘realist’ or that they are casting off PC. I am waiting for proof of that often-made claim.

5 thoughts on “Pushback? Capitulation.

  1. “I am still unconvinced that the millennial age group is ‘realist’ or that they are casting off PC.”

    Millennials are a lost cause. They’re the PC zombie army. They’ve been raised to believe that any dissent is not just wrong, it’s evil and in fact it’s unthinkable. Dissent is badthink. The idea that issues should be subject to free and open debate terrifies them. They think the whole world is one big safe space.

    When they are accused of badthink they immediately start to apologise. It doesn’t occur to them to resist. If they have been accused of badthink then they must be guilty. Because anyone accused of thoughtcrime is guilty.

    They are truly a lost generation. They have been so indoctrinated into cultural Stalinism that they are simply incapable of dissent. Welcome to the Brave New World.


    • Your description tallies with my own personal experience, so I think you are accurate. Though there may be exceptions, as with any blanket statement, I think voting statistics show that they vote more left-wing than any other age group, and the life choices they make tend to conform to the PC worldview.


  2. Yes, the millennials do leave a lot to be desired. But one thing is for certain. They will be the first generation that will be forced to face the full practical consequences of liberalism. Maybe that will drag them, kicking and screaming, into reality. Let’s hope so.


    • Well, we’ll see. It seems that most lefties, though, are almost impervious to experience — like the woman who was raped in Haiti and tried to ‘understand’ or make excuses for her rapist. They seem to have an infinite capacity for denial.
      I do hope I am wrong.


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