Another consequence of immigration

In St. Paul, Minnesota, school officials are ‘pulling the plug’ on Valentine’s Day, and other ‘dominant holidays’ as they are oddly calling them.

Dominant: that seems to be a very poor word choice here. Educators should surely know how to use the English language more precisely than that. Let’s look at the online Oxford Dictionary definition of the word ‘dominant’ and see if it fits:

Definition of dominant in English: adjective

Having power and influence over others: they are now in an even more dominant position in the market

If our cultural heritage (and what I mean by ‘we’, White Man, is Anglo-Americans), were dominant we would not feel compelled — or be compelled by people like Mr Masini or the St. Paul School Board or whoever — to give up our traditions for fear of ‘offending’ the perpetually offended.

 We are anything but dominant. We are weak. At least our officials and ‘leaders’ are submissive and beaten. Every time someone feigns offense at one of our time-honored symbols, words, historical facts, or customs, we — or at least the PC apparatchiks who are ‘in charge’ scurry to appease, and eliminate that which is alleged to be ‘offensive’ to whomever. The majority has no say in this process.
And what of this fact: many of our newly ‘diverse and inclusive’ schools and communities now have people from literally hundreds of different language groups and almost as many different cultures, most of them being very disparate and incompatible with our own ways and practices. And does it make sense that we must  kowtow to accommodate and appease every possible objection to our ways? Does it make sense, is it even practical or doable, to try to please many, many different groups of people? Why? How?
Once upon a time, Mister Educator, immigrants to America were expected to learn our language, first of all, and to learn about our ways and to acclimate themselves to our culture and our traditions. They were taught to see the good and the positive in what was the established American culture, grounded in Western Europe and specifically in Northwestern Europe, and mostly in English culture and folkways.
Does it not make more sense that everyone alike conform to the host culture? Why should the country and the people who have generously welcomed the immigrant have to change to please the immigrant? And again, is it practicable for the host people give up their ways and try to appease and conform to numerous others, strangers in our land? And P.S.: the ”nation of immigrants” trope is not an answer to that question. It, too, is a half-truth at best.
Where does all this end? We already have to accommodate to Cinco de Mayo (which has nothing to do with us or our past) and Eidh, Ramadan, Diwali and the invented holiday ‘Kwanzaa’ and what next? What will we have to have imposed on us, while we are made to give up our traditions? How is this a good bargain for us? And is it right in a ‘democracy’ that the few dictate to the many?
We labor under a coerced ‘tolerance’ for others, while they exhibit complete intolerance of us and our ways. And yet if we and our ways offend them, why immigrate here? Most are not here against their will; they choose to come. They choose to stay. They should learn to tolerate different cultures; or is it one rule for us and another for them?
Valentine’s Day (once St. Valentine’s Day, for the record — maybe that’s why it has to go) is a minor holiday in the larger scheme of things, but for a long time, our most-celebrated holiday, Christmas, has been in the crosshairs, with it being deliberately dumbed-down and de-Christianized. Columbus Day has become a politically correct inquisition of a holiday, and it will soon be replaced by ‘Indigenous People’s Day’ or ‘Genocide Remembrance Day’ or some such thing, thanks to the demands of a minuscule number of cultural Marxist ‘victims’ and their White enablers/stooges.
Dominant holidays? I would say that the strangers are the ‘dominant’ groups in this society now.  Imagine being a newcomer or a guest and demanding that your host obey you. That’s dominance.
Those whose ancestors of the colonist stock created the country we now live in are reduced to irrelevance and submission.  We are not ‘dominant’ anymore in that we have practically no power or influence. And that’s the idea, isn’t it.

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