Clashes at Dover

Breitbart London reports on the scuffles that broke out between pro-Whites and far-left anti-Whites in Dover, UK. The pro-White groups, who apparently represented a variety of right-wingers, from the much-vilified National Front to various other ethnonationalists, were demonstrating in support of the besieged European truck-drivers who are being harried and attacked by ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’ from the Calais, France jungle camp.

The rag-tag group of counter-protesters who came to the rally are an assortment of ‘antifas’ or anti-White self-styled anarchists, anti-“racists”, perpetual student hooligans, much like their counterparts in this country or in any Western country. They came to the rally prepared for violence, and their ethnonationalist opposite numbers probably expected violence from them; that’s the left’s usual m.o.

So the clashes that ensued were not a surprise to anyone. Judging by the pictures it looks as though there was a substantial police presence there, likely meant to keep the ‘evil’ right-wing ”extremists” under control or to intimidate them, photograph them and generally keep tabs. And, of course, the police seem to be tasked with protecting any “refugees” or vibrants in the vicinity as well as protecting the left.

In the photos we see at least one girl police officer, who is decidedly un-formidable in size and appearance.  The left’s belief that women are the equals of men in size and strength is pathetic, and would be laughable were it not potentially so tragic. But they will persist in their delusions, these lefties.

Notice the peculiar coverage given the events by Breitbart. Still, we can’t expect a neocon/cuckservative publication to take an objective view, much less a pro-Western, pro-White view. But there is a definite odor of moral equivalency in the article.  The caption on the very last picture says something like ‘communism in one hand, nazi in the other.’

The fact is that the ethnonationalists, those who are supporting their folk and their ethnic cousins across Europe, those who are protesting against the very real harm done by aggressive ”migrants” attacking truckers and other Europeans, these people have a constructive purpose in rallying. They are standing against a real threat.

What are the ‘antifas’ standing in favor of? Invasion? Sneaking into other people’s countries by violent means if necessary? Rape? Destruction of property, as when the ‘migrants’ vandalize the trucks along the route to the Tunnel? No, the lefties are there to intimidate and harass and do violence to the ethnonationalists, whom they categorize (as do the people at Breitbart) as necessarily being ”neo-Nazis”, ”anti-Semites” and ‘bigoted haters’, etc.  Both sides apparently threw projectiles such as bricks, and blood was drawn. I wasn’t there, obviously, so I can’t say if either side bears a greater responsibility for any injuries or harm done.  But it appears both sides took part.

What I can say with some knowledge of facts is that the left is almost always the side that tries deliberately to provoke, and actually instigates violence, all the while crying victimhood. Law enforcement in this country knows that the lefties try to get themselves arrested and to get a police officer to manhandle them because this allows them to decry ”police brutality” and to get ‘street cred’ as having been arrested and ‘brutalized’. Likewise when they go up against patriots or right-wing opponents at a rally; they want to get the ‘nazis’ to attack them to validate their feeling of being the ‘innocent victim.’ The reality is this: at many ethnopatriot rallies against illegal immigration in the early 2000s, the anti-Whites gratuitously attacked the ethnopatriots, and they did so in a very dirty and unchivalrous way: attacking senior citizens, including women, blindsiding them with frozen cans of soda or other projectiles meant to hurt. There is no decency or civility among them, not an iota.

But in this clash at Dover, it appeared that mostly young people were involved, so they were more fairly matched. In the videos I saw, it looked as though the antis took more of a beating, and this is not surprising. Most lefties are weedy, sallow, unhealthy looking specimens. That’s to be expected since they mostly subsist on a weird diet of ‘vegan’ fare and other ‘health’ foods, energy drinks, coffee, alcohol, and recreational drugs. Most appear anemic (as a lot of non-carnivore humans are) and they don’t often keep themselves fit though they obsess about others’ eating habits. So, though they verbally intimidate, threaten, and bully anybody who disagrees with their deluded politics, they don’t have much with which to back up their tough and violent words.

They’ve been lulled into thinking they are dominant because heretofore people have not stood up to them. I think that because people cower before their verbal bullying and psychological assaults on everyone else, they believed they were unstoppable. If people start refusing to back down and retreat before them, maybe they will be taken down a peg or two and lose some of their obnoxious bravado.

One thought on “Clashes at Dover

  1. VA, I think you are right on the need to stand up to them and that they will cave when we regularly do so. They have an expectation bullying will work, very much like an extortion racket.


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