The Iowa results

While realizing nobody is waiting with bated breath to hear my take on the Iowa caucuses, I will note my thoughts and feelings, if only just to vent.

First, just to put the subject in perspective, Iowa is really not that important to the election overall. If I recall correctly Iowa has picked losers in the last couple of caucuses, at least on the Republican side. Why has Iowa been touted by the media as so all-important in the election cycle? Just because they jockeyed themselves into first place, chronologically. A couple of elections back, I seem to remember that the various states were scrambling to re-schedule their primaries or caucuses so that they would be First! and get the attendant media spotlight and coverage. It’s all just media hype.

Secondly is the demographic of Iowa even reflective of the overall national demographic anymore — if, indeed, it ever was? Maybe once upon a time when America was, well, American (remember that? Seems like just yesterday…) but 20 or so years ago Iowa’s governor was up on TV crying about how Iowa was just too darn White and Iowa had been shortchanged in the ‘Diversity’ department. Iowa demanded that they, too, be blessed with their rightful share of that wonderful, enriching Diversity. They are apparently still too White out there but they try to compensate for it by their state of denial on all matters regarding HBD and race in general.

So though Iowa is not the all-American state it once was, neither is the rest of America as American as it once was, thanks to the hard, round-the-clock work of the Social Engineers and Diversity-pushers who work for government and the Refugee Resettlement orgs.

As to the media’s coverage of the different candidates, it’s clear that they are more opposed to Trump and what he represents to them than any other candidate. In some kind of reverse psychology, some people are representing Cruz as being the ‘underdog’ who is hated by the Establishment. I think they would like you and me to think so, when the fact is, Cruz is very much establishment, and with his big war chest (of what, $19 million?) he is not the underdog. Nor does his Hispanic name and descent make him an underdog; just the opposite. The powers-that-be are looking to elect a Hispanic president. I suppose Rubio would also do, for their purposes. They would also like to demolish the requirement that a candidate must be a natural-born citizen (not native-born, natural born, and the distinctions do matter). Cruz or Rubio would do fine.

On the religious issue, some people express surprise that the ‘evangelicals’ in Iowa supposedly voted for Cruz over Trump. Now, I don’t know that most people even use the word ‘evangelical’ in its correct meaning. Pick a definition; there are many to choose from out there. Here’s one. But it’s clear when reading internet commentary that the term is a term of abuse used by many secular people as well as some Catholics who think it encompasses all Protestants. I don’t even know if I am a textbook evangelical or not; I was baptized in an independent Church;  I do follow a Biblical-based Christianity. The Bible is my authority, not an individual, a denomination, a synod, or whatever. And I am not the only one of my kind. Not all Protestants are ‘evangelicals’ though many think they are.

Be that as it may, I’m a Christian, and I take my faith seriously, but I would not vote for Cruz (or the other establishment candidates) in any event. I don’t think I’m atypical in that respect.

The Iowa caucuses, I confess, left me feeling cynical and disheartened about any possibility for needed change in this country. The results show a vote for more of the same that got us where we are now, which is in a very dire place. The results show that ignorance and the lure of keeping ‘the devil we know’ are still too prevalent among sheep-like Americans. Or maybe some of the results, like the showing made by Cruz and even Rubio show that maybe Hispanics are voting in greater numbers this cycle, and their clout will start to make a showing. When they vote in greater numbers, as their population increases by leaps and bounds, we will be lost.

Still, I remind myself: it’s just one caucus. One state, a little state, and not a very important one (sorry, Iowans) in the larger picture. There’s still a long way to go till November. And I am reminded that our caucus and primary system has probably been tinkered with too much; it wouldn’t hurt to return to the way things were a couple of decades ago, and to shorten the active election cycle. It goes on far too long, this election hype. It makes people weary long before the actual voting takes place. It fosters cynicism and a jaded attitude, as well as resignation and apathy.

But, as Yogi Berra said, ”It ain’t over till it’s over.” All is not lost — yet.




4 thoughts on “The Iowa results

  1. Iowa has one big advantage. It is very easy to manipulate the results with money. If you pay 1000 people $10,000 and another 10,000 are paid $1000, then with 20 million you have an organization that can pull its own 11,000 votes and possibly another 22,000.

    Of course the 11,000 paid people are not being paid for their vote, just for organizing the get out the vote effort.

    I heard it said on cable that Cruz or on behalf of Cruz 40 million was spent to get out the vote.

    Trump was criticized on Fox by Ed Rollins for not paying this money.

    Wiki reports Cruz total as 51,666. Note the 5+1 = 6 as well. A very interesting result.

    Iowa managed to stay first in the process so that money can count.

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  2. VA –
    Your thoughts echo mine. I, too, was disappointed, although (as you note) Iowa is not that important in the overall scheme of things, and Trump did better than expected. I’m not convinced the Rubio “surge” was natural, but at this point I don’t disbelieve anything until proven otherwise.

    Despite my inherent cynicism, I think I let my hopes outpace reality re Trump and rising nationalism. A lot depends on NH and SC – if he loses either, then I think it’s fairly obvious that the GOPe fix is in. Either way, I mustn’t forget that Vox Day’s aphorism, MPAI, always reigns. It’s odd, once I “saw” the light and truth of Jesus, accepting Him and His grace was the easy part in becoming a Christian. The hard part, always, has been for me His command to “Love one another.” I don’t like most people, and don’t respect most people, and truly do believe most of them are addle-pated fools. I read sites like “Conservative Treehouse,” and the posts are generally sharp and informative. But the comments – so many who are “disappointed” or “hurt” or “sad” they cannot implicitly trust Rush, or Mark Levin, or whomever they placed their trust in. So many feelz and so little realism. Sheeple, indeed.

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  3. I live in Iowa. The Iowa Caucus is a closed ballot affair. You know what Stalin said about voting as opposed to counting votes. The GOP Machine pulled the same manure on Ron Paul and his supporters, expect likewise for Trump and his supporters,

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  4. Thanks, all, for your comments. Good input.

    OA: I hadn’t thought of it in that way. That explains some things.

    Sheila – I know what you mean about the difficulty of carrying out the “love one another” command in today’s world when there is so much polarization and bitterness as well as plain old ignorance which makes it harder to love one another, I have some extremely ignorant relatives, sorry to say. They may be book-smart or IQ-smart but lack good sense and their political views have caused rifts within our family. They of course force their views on the more sensible members of the family like all good liberals/SJWs do and make themselves very obnoxious with it. The older generations in our family are just about all gone now, and they are spinning in their graves at the younger generation’s behavior I’m sure.

    Quartermain – thanks for your input, especially as you live in Iowa. I’ve heard and read speculations that there may have been some election-tampering. Seems weird to me that the outcome was not what was predicted, but still..
    I wonder (maybe I’m being too cynical) if the media purposely set up expectations for Trump to win, although they had been saying Cruz had Iowa sewn up. Then when the Cruz victory happened, then they could rub it in about Trump’s ‘unexpectedly disappointing showing’, etc., and make Cruz and even Rubio look better.


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