Elsewhere on the Internet

Seen on a blog, this example of how millennials in particular have been thoroughly mind-conditioned to a certain point of view. I post this screen-cap, cropped so as not to include any names, lest somebody object.

[Click to increase the size of the image; it’s a little small to read easily.]


This post got hundreds of approving responses and was re-blogged with more approving comments, one being ‘this is a great post!’ Of course there is no option for giving a thumbs-down, only a ‘like’ or a re-blog.

Because people who think like this dominate most of the Internet, it seems, there is little chance for any real dialogue, and in any case you cannot argue with people like this. They don’t understand rational argument, and operate only on emotions. White is ‘eeevil’ and people-of-color are innocent ‘noble savages’ who are only perpetual victims.

The person who posted these twisted sentiments is most likely White, and seems oblivious to the fact that he is ashamed of his ancestors and his heritage, as it amounts to nothing more than ”a system of oppression.”

If I could speak to this child, I would have to say you yourself are the ‘victim’ of a real system of oppression. It is that diabolical system of oppression under which we all live, and we call it ”political correctness” or cultural Marxism, or as I call it, the Lie Machine, the Edifice of Lies, with its seemingly impregnable walls. That’s the real system of oppression.

Those of you who are parents of these wet-behind-the-ears brainwashing victims, these arrogant juveniles, please don’t let your children’s minds be hijacked and destroyed by the educational system or the corrupt media or peer pressure, which amounts to the blind leading the blind. Please, take charge of your children’s upbringing. I know parents of high-school and college-age children who were educated in ‘conservative’ Christian schools — and these kids are fully as brainwashed as any product of the public schools with all their propaganda. I know of parents who are now being berated by their ‘social justice warrior’ adolescents and college kids. And they have no answer to give to their children’s accusing and scolding. They seem whipped, and resigned. This is part of what I meant in my recent post about being ”ruled by women and children” as Isaiah wrote of.

What do we do? How do we turn this around? I find it honestly quite depressing.

The quote I currently have on my sidebar says the truth crushed to earth will rise again — but will it, with this current crop of tyrants-in-training?



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