‘So strange a brother’

Carleton Putnam on ‘Brotherhood’:

”I have already said something about brotherhood, but I will add one thing more. Love, like charity, begins at home. A man who loves all countries, and all races, as much as he loves his own, is like the man who loves all women as much as he loves his wife. He merits suspicion.

I have seldom seen the matter put better than by William Massey in his article “The New Fanatics,” in the section entitled “Whither Brotherhood?” To that question Mr. Massey answers: “Nowhere. The current furor over brotherhood is compounded of fallacy and foolishness. For it is fallacy to believe that men are no longer separated by enduring differences, and it is foolishness wilfully to believe this fallacy. Yet this fallacy is the basis for the present campaign for brotherhood.

This is not a campaign by men who love humanity, but by men obsessed with a vision. Their vision is of a united mankind marching toward a Utopian world. It is the stylized, inhuman vision they love, not man. They do not look at man dispassionately, or even with affection, to see his condition and help him. Instead they preach a mystic brotherhood of man that is both goal and means to the goal.

This brotherhood is not reached by good will, understanding and tolerance. It is a fanatic’s dream, a will-o’-the-wisp that gives them the self-righteousness to vent their hatreds with a clear conscience. Better an honest enemy than so strange a brother.” – Race and Reality

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