Globe Theatre gets enriched

The Daily Mail Online has a story on how Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre went to the Calais Jungle migrant camp to put on a performance of Hamlet for the poor souls who are encamped there. The performance was cut short — initially the report said because of weather — because of the fact that many of the poor sad migrants were armed with knives.

“A spokesperson for Shakespeare’s Globe said on Monday that the performance of Hamlet was pre-planned to be a shortened version to make it appropriate for the venue and the audience.

‘We were aware of knives being present, but this was one of several factors that led us to lightly shorten what was always going to be a shortened version of the production.’ ”

The Globe spokesmen and the Daily Mail are clearly trying to save face, or more accurately, to deny that any real threat existed, and it’s almost sad, but yet ignorance is not pretty, and willful ignorance is unforgivable in situations like this.

The multicultists are determined not to learn anything from previous incidents, or from the overall news reports on the hostile and violent behavior on the part of their refugee clients.

Did these Globe Theatre people not hear of the very recent attack on the Dutch journalist and photographer who went to the camp with do-gooding intentions and were attacked for their trouble?

Obviously these social justice ‘One World’ types think that if we show them our trust and our loving intentions, they will respond in kind. If the ‘refugees’ or any victim group behaves badly it’s only because they ”felt threatened” by us, so if we be nice they will reciprocate — right?

It reminds me of the scene in the 1950s movie The War of the Worlds. The aliens have landed in California and have not shown themselves yet. A Christian minister has blind faith that the aliens will surely be our friends if we approach in friendship and trust. Remember the scene where he walks toward the Martian craft, carrying a Bible and reciting the 23rd Psalm? He promptly gets vaporized by the Martian death ray.  Sooner or later that happens to most such naively trusting do-gooders. The Christian faith does not teach us blind faith in human nature, and the Christian faith does not teach us that ‘noble savages’ are like innocent children, incapable of sinning or doing wrong. The Rousseauian, egalitarian ‘gospel’ teaches that. And those who follow that false gospel are either too dim to notice that their approach amounts to courting danger, or maybe they are just hell-bent on sticking to their failed beliefs, regardless.

It’s very tempting to have a laugh at the expense of these people, but that won’t do, because they are not just content to expose themselves to harm in the name of their juvenile philosophy; they are intent on making all of us in the West walk into the ambush with them.

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