‘Calais and open borders’

At Oz Conservative, Mark Richardson posts a video of a speech given by a resident of Calais, France, describing the horrible conditions that exist in that once-pleasant city, now unhappily the home of the ‘Calais Jungle’ migrant camp.

I encourage you to watch the video. I had some idea of how things were there, but it’s worse that what I had imagined, and many cities in former Christendom are experiencing similar fates — and more will undergo similar disasters as long as there are treasonous globalists in charge everywhere in the West.

And to think there is at least one blog written by leftists who claim ‘solidarity’ with the marauding ‘clandestins’, and according to the woman speaking in the video, it’s such home-grown leftists who act in concert with the ”migrants” aiding and abetting their crimes, and in essence betraying their own kinsmen and country. How long will this be allowed to go on? All the while, the local ‘police’ in Calais refuse to act against the ‘migrants’, instead arresting patriotic French people — including General Piquemal whose troubling story has been featured on the Gallia Watch blog.

2 thoughts on “‘Calais and open borders’

  1. This is a deliberate attack on the White community as a unity. This is the real target. Whether a specific news incident is as it is portrayed in MSM or not, the dispossession in our cities we can verify ourselves.

    We can only defend by speaking up for the White community to be preserved as White. That is why they forbid this. They let us talk about crime or test scores, but not preserving White communities. So that is what we must do.

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