The model minority

The term ‘model minority’ was, if I recall correctly, first applied to Japanese-Americans by sociologist William Peterson back in the 1960s, but as currently applied by many HBDers (like those at Steve Sailer’s blog or AmRen) to all Asians. Many such White Americans believe that all Asians have similarly ”high IQs” and that a high IQ automatically translates to compatibility with our folk and our culture. Does it?

Before I address that we should also mention that, unbeknownst to some people, not all Asians are alike. Some Americans get very vexed at the British media for using the term ”Asian” to describe Pakistanis or Hindus. They are for some reason convinced that ”Asian” means only Japanese, Chinese and Koreans. In other words, only East Asians or North and East Asians. Why? Why should it? Asia is a huge continent populated by billions. Why are only those in the north and east of that continent to be called Asians? In any case, Asia includes varied peoples and cultures, and not all those who come from that continent have “high IQs”, nor are all of them compatible with us.

As for the terminology, Asian is the new(ish) politically correct lingo for what used to be called ‘Oriental.’ If you watch old movies (pre-political correctness, that is, pre-1970s or so) you will hear the term ‘Oriental’ used to apply to Asians, even West Asians, (people from the Middle East). Even farther back in time, around the turn of the 20th century when Chinese in great numbers immigrated to North America, the press often referred to them somewhat whimsically as ”Celestials”, because they termed China the ”Celestial Kingdom.”

But, came the age of political correctness and language revision, the term “Oriental” was banished from our language, especially in such quaint old phrases as ”the inscrutable Oriental” — because in the new age of ethnic militancy, even the supposed Model Minorities were getting offended en masse by language like that. No longer could we use such terms as ”Chinaman” because that was offensive. (My beloved late uncle, the world-travelled Marine, always used that term, up until his recent death, but he was an unreconstructed Southron who refused to reform his language.) The term ‘Chinatown’ was declared insensitive in some towns, although it persists in some places. But if we can say ”Englishman” or ”Dutchman” why not ”Chinaman”?

The lesson here is that Asians (or Orientals, to use the pre-PC word) are just as capable of playing the victim as are other NON-model minorities, those termed by Sailer fans as ‘NAMs’. Now, it took me a while to figure out what that strange acronym meant until I caught on that it meant ”non-Asian minorities”, meaning — what? That Asians are in a class apart from other minorities? That Asians are to be classed with European-descended people because of their high IQ, ”compatibility”, and supposedly lower crime rate? I did notice that many of the Asiaphiles on AmRen and the HBD blogs spoke of ‘Whites and Asians’ as some kind of portmanteau word, ‘whitesandasians‘, as if we were conjoined.

High IQs=Just Like Us.

As to the IQ business, this chart shows that IQs in various Asian countries differ widely.

But IQ notwithstanding, there doesn’t seem to be that much evidence that Asians, even the ‘model’ variety, consider themselves as some kind of honorary Europeans, or as part of some monolithic bloc, as over against the ”NAMs”, as some White HBDers believe.

And if you really need convincing, we can just look at things in Canada, where there is a very large (and growing) Chinese population. Ricardo Duchesne’s piece tells us how Henry Yu, a history professor in British Columbia, believes Canada to be a ‘White supremacist” country.

Sure, here in this country we have extreme leftist ethnic academics, who preach similar ideas for their own people — most often Hispanic or black academics, but then they are ‘NAMs’ who are expected to think and talk that way — not ‘model minorities’ who are considered part of this ‘whitesandasians’ alliance.

Maybe it’s just that the model minorities are jumping on the victimhood bandwagon because it’s been proven to be such a handy tool with which to bludgeon PC-whipped White folk, or maybe they feel emboldened to speak their minds truly as their numbers increase. Whatever the reason, it’s time we realized that they don’t necessarily identify with our ‘whitesandasians’ construct. It seems like an unrequited love affair on the part of many Whites toward Asians. While Whites are constantly accused (and convicted by the left) of being ‘haters’ we are more truly a lot of unrequited lovers: so many have their ‘favorite minority’ group. But how often is this reciprocated? Really?

9 thoughts on “The model minority

  1. Good post; I read Sailer regularly, but don’t take his nihilistic philosophy seriously; he IS a VERY good student of applied statistics.
    Please keep going; we need you.


    • Steve, thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I do get discouraged at times and think why bother? But something impels me to go on.
      I like Sailer’s blog sometimes; I don’t mean to give the impression that I don’t admire his work, though I realize he is not an ethnonationalist or ethnopatriot or WN or whatever.
      His commenters (some of them) are the cause of my frustrations at times.


  2. Well done opining on the predilection of too many on the right to deify IQ and equate it with cultural compatibility. I, too, read Steve Sailer, but I haven’t donated to him since he went to Unz and his commentariat has also changed radically (it’s now quite heavy on standard right-liberals and Jews). You’ve posted, in the past, against this myth of the perfect country of nothing but high IQ people of varying ethnicities that too many who argue the virtues of “citizenism” fantasize about.

    Besides their crushing conformity and lack of imagination, aside from their endemic cheating and industrial espionage, apart from their joining the victim alliance and endlessly denigrating Caucasians as lazy and stupid, Orientals are not and never will be Americans.

    A commenter back at Vox Populi (I think) discussed the history and root of the term Oriental some time ago. It is from the Greek and the precise counterpoint to Occidental, which is still in good standing, so far as I know. Because of its provenance and because it irritates the SJWs and cuckservatives, I use only Oriental now. Same for Mohammedan rather than Muslim. No profanity or obvious “slurs” in my comments, but my use of Negro, Mohammedan, and Oriental grates on them all, and thus pleases me.


  3. VA, thanks for calling out the Oriental IQ worshipers. They become more absurd each year. They just don’t want Whites getting good jobs for a large part.

    I just searched on Asian cheating scandal and got over a million hits. Just for fun I then tried Oriental cheating scandal and still got over 500,000.

    Asian IQ advantage if it exists is a very narrow test taking IQ. Given their widespread cheating culture, shouldn’t we deflate their average IQ by ten percent? Which is then below the White average supposedly 100?

    Asian Ph.D. theses are often half copied from published work and their professors don’t seem to care as long as they can be a coauthor on the new original research.

    How many computer languages have been written by Asians? Ruby.

    This is typical of actual reality when dealing with Asians.

    Schools with Asians are unpleasant grinds for White children, and that grind does not educate them any better.

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    • Good information, OA. You probably have more knowledge of some of those things than I personally do. I have had the feeling that the IQ ‘gap’ between us and East Asians is somewhat exaggerated because it seems to me that there is not much evidence in some Asian countries that the average IQ is that spectacular. A high-IQ people should be able to make a really livable country, shouldn’t they, or also be capable of more new inventions rather than just adaptations or modifications of existing (Western) inventions.


  4. Demographically African Immigrants and Americans born of African immigrants tend to typically congregate in urban areas , moving to suburban areas over the next few generations as they try to acquire economic and social stability. They are also one of America’s least likely groups to live in racially segregated areas.


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