European identity?

Here’s a worthwhile piece on the subject of ‘Pan-Europeanism’, from the Traditional Right blog. It’s got the apt title “Peter Pan-Europeanism.”

If you’ve read my blog before, you have probably read my past objections to the idea of ‘pan-Europeanism’. I’ve written of it before because I’ve noted that the idea has gained some currency among the younger demographic, most particularly among those termed Alt-Right, as well as WN. The idea is that Americans, being part of a dying republic, heirs to a ‘failed experiment’ as the blog piece quotes it, have nothing to preserve and therefore should embrace some kind of pan-Europeanism. Putting it simply, skin color only matters; those of a suitable complexion, all being European-descended, have to unite, forgetting  ‘petty, narrow’ ethnic/national loyalties, brothers simply by our European descent.

Certainly Europeans are kin to us, but we’re not all the same. Trying to blend away  real differences by proposing (as some do) that we all just intermingle and forget our different ancestries, or that we unite on the basis of some kind of WN ideology, is just a variant on the multicultural idea.

On one popular forum there is a policy that fellow White ethnicities or nations are not to be criticized. The ruling is ignored, though, when the criticism is leveled at English or Anglo-Saxons, something which I couldn’t help noticing. Anglophobia is always in style. But English people who complained about mass Eastern European immigration to Britain were harshly warned not to ”attack other Whites” or told that ”at least the Poles are White; you should be grateful they are coming and making your country Whiter.”

This, again, is just another form of Political Correctness, and it’s also an echo of the liberal dogma that people are interchangeable; that everybody can ‘assimilate’ and intermarry. Wanting to preserve one’s own people and culture are considered ‘narrow’.

The blog piece at Traditional Right notes that people do have attachments to their ethnic identity and heritage:

“…proud Italians don’t want to become Germans, or French..” — of course they don’t.
This is also a point that is often forgotten when some American, unhappy with our changeling America, announces he plans to go to some European nation where he expects to be welcomed with open arms, or where he thinks he can ‘fit in’ just fine because after all, the Europeans are White and so is he. Everything else is irrelevant. Except it’s not.

Just read a history book; many of the bitterest or longest-lasting animosities amongst Europeans have involved peoples who are genetically and culturally close. And how much more distance, culturally and genetically, is there between the average American and the average citizen of Russia — where many disgruntled alt-Right types wish to emigrate? They overestimate our commonalities while underestimating incompatibility factors. They seem oblivious to the fact that many Europeans, whether because of media conditioning or political differences, dislike Americans to one degree or another.

We are not universally loved, we Americans, if we ever were to begin with.

Which brings up another question: why is it that so many younger Americans seem to partake of the outside world’s antipathy to all things American? My surmise is that the constant barrage of anti-Americanism that is taught in our own schools and in our media has affected all of us, even those on the ”right” who used to be reliably ethnocentric and patriotic. Now patriotism is scorned by the ”right” as much as by the cosmopolitan ‘World Citizen’ left. It’s unfashionable to love one’s country or heritage. It’s in fashion to sneer at ”Amurka”  — or ”Amerikka’ to use the 60s left’s terminology. The two sides are sounding remarkably the same on the issue of America; they all sound like they swallowed a Howard Zinn ‘history’ book and are channeling Michael Moore.

If any of you remember the early incarnation of this blog, I wrote much more about our history, our culture, our traditions. I would like to do more of that now, but I get the idea that there is little demand for it. Nobody wants to look back at our past, much less try to salvage any of it. Still, I haven’t broken faith with my forefathers and I wish that others could find something to value in what was right with our country. And yes, there were many things that were good, and no, the country was not fatally flawed and doomed from the start, despite the cynics’ claims. That point of view seems like sour grapes, mostly.

Some anti-patriot types on the right disparage America as a hopeless case because it’s a ”multiracial empire”, and thus irredeemable. But oddly the same kinds of people look up to Vladimir Putin and Russia. Putin claims he is defending European identity — but what is Russia but another ”multiracial empire”, a proposition nation par exellence? Putin’s claim to defending European identity rings hollow, considering that he has many Moslems and countless other restive minorities under his rule. How can such a country preserve anything European?

There is no such thing as an overarching ‘European identity’ at least where culture and ways of life are concerned. I am not one to downplay genetics, but genetics alone, especially skin color, will not unite the diverse European peoples into one ‘nation’, unless it be a ‘proposition nation.’ And we’ve seen how that can go wrong.

6 thoughts on “European identity?

  1. VA, there is great value to defending our English heritage and history. We should also not shrink from pointing out how English were pushed out of Boston, New York and even Chicago as you did on the previous blog.

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  2. Yes, of course there are national differences between Europeans, yet we share a common European heritage through Greece and Rome and beyond. When Europe was threatened from without, it was generally able to unite to repel the invaders. Eventually.

    Hitler made the same point in his speech declaring war against America.

    Just as the Greeks once faced the Persians in war, and the Romans faced the Mongolians, the Spanish heroes defended not only Spain, but the whole of Europe against Africa, just so Germany is fighting today, not for herself, but for the entire Continent.

    The fight is not over yet, but time is short. We desperately need to get our act together.

    White people world-wide are under attack as White people, not as Germans or French or English. Our best hope is not for a multicultural Europe, but for a European alliance of nations. That has to start with rehabilitating the idea of nationalism. Fortunately that seems to be the way the pendulum is swinging. Hopefully not too late.


    • I think we’re substantially in agreement. Obviously I think we should put aside any grievances and differences (would the Irish ever make common cause with the English?) in order to present a united front against any enemies. I believe we certainly share a common heritage, but the basis of it (Christianity, in large part) has been so subverted and destroyed, it’s hard to find common ground. I find that many Europeans think we Americans are yahoos who are gun-mad religious fanatics — because that’s how the media like to show White Americans especially Christians. So it would be hard to rally around some common goal, even preserving White folk. Most Europeans still have more ethnic/national feeling than Americans with our ‘proposition nation’ and ‘immigrant nation’ nonsense.
      We definitely should ally with our cousins across the Atlantic and those in places like S.A. and Rhodesia, as well as Australia, N.Z., and Canada.
      But I don’t go as far as advocating that all Whites surrender their national loyalties or allow open borders even from our kindred countries — isn’t that how the EU started?
      Again, I think we agree more than we differ, AnalogMan.


    • OA, I think there’s something to what you say. It certainly looks to me as if there has been an effort especially to subvert and destroy (via immigration and cultural subversion) the Anglosphere countries. It’s a case of having to ‘bind the strong man’ in order to spoil his house as the Bible says in another context.


  3. Aryans and Whites have never before met an existential threat that threatened all of them. The White Supremacy that crushed the weaker idiots like the browns, blacks and dumber jews allowed a certain objectivity, optimism and even unwise mercy. The time for Mercy for these enemy ingrates and inferior anthropoidal bipeds is NOW OVER. This is War. TOTAL WAR. A GAME OF DEATH. GENOCIDE.


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