White guilt month

As it’s now Anti-White History Month, for another week at least, it’s no surprise to read that there is a remake of Alex Haley’s Roots miniseries, originally aired in the late 1970s.

The original miniseries, from what I recall, had quite a large audience. In 1977 there was a large segment of the White population that had been softened up by a couple of decades of hectoring and shaming about ‘racism’, and it also helped Roots‘ ratings that many teachers and college professors required their students to watch the miniseries.
Remember, too, that many people did not have cable TV in that era, so the only choices available were the alphabet networks, all three of them, plus PBS and maybe a local independent channel. So most of the White TV audience (a majority still in those long-ago days) saw the series and if not, heard discussion of it at work or school.

I remember my sociology teacher, who was black and Afrocentric,  requiring us to watch it and discuss it. Back then political correctness had not yet ‘got our tongues’, so I remember some White students actually complaining that the series made all Whites look vicious, ignorant, and ugly. I remember our Sociology teacher telling us that the shoe needed to be on the other foot for a change, and that seemed to squelch any further criticism of the series’ anti-White tone.

Since I saw Roots back in those days, I’ve told many people that the “writer” Alex Haley was a plagiarist, and that the series was a propaganda piece, not history, but few people are able to accept that, at least not the usual brainwashed PC crowd — just as they are not able to process the heresy that a certain other black ‘icon’ was a plagiarist. They don’t want to entertain such blasphemous thoughts.

In recent years there has been a barrage of anti-White movies, among them that ‘Django’ movie. Aside: what’s the story with giving the character a gypsy name? Django Reinhardt, the famous gypsy guitarist has said his name was s gypsy name. The movie writers were ignoramuses; I guess ‘Django’ sounded cool to them and sounded ‘African’ so they went with it. Facts? Irrelevant. They always are with lefties.

Facts never matter in these propaganda pieces. The sad thing is that the audience (which seems to include a distressingly large percentage of the White population) seems not to care. They accept movies as gospel truth in most cases, and can’t be bothered to seek out the truth for themselves. Not that there are many history books around that tell the truth, anyway.

The fact that, thanks to decades of anti-White propaganda, we now have a population of politically-corrected (read: misinformed and stupid) anti-White Whites. That’s bad enough, but the tragedy of it is that blacks who believe the media lies about the past are now acting out in ways that are physically injurious to Whites. How many flash mob attacks, how many ”random” murders, rapes, and assorted other crimes have resulted, if only indirectly, due to the hate-Whitey propaganda coming out of Hollywood and TV and popular music — which has also carried its share of anti-White messages? However many there have been, it’s too many. And it was all avoidable. All predictable, and therefore 100 percent preventable. But obviously there are interests wishing to incite hatred (though they project hatred onto us) and to provoke violence. So they continue with their relentless warfare against us via their slickly-produced lies.

And when will it stop?

Another instance of this phenomenon is the book and later, movie, To Kill a Mockingbird. This book is now required reading for many high-schoolers, even in Christian schools, and probably is part of some home-schooling curricula, too. The author, or putative author, Harper Lee, recently died, and on social media like Tumblr, primarily the province of very young, very PC users, there has been so much hagiolatry, so much fawning, over Lee. (Incidentally, is Harper Lee any kin to the Lees of Virginia? I rather have hoped not, because she may be kin of mine.) The young and the witless venerate writers like her. Of course it is only the White young people, not the blacks, who idolize her.

It’s always said to be bad form to speak ill of the dead, so I will restrain myself; or maybe I will give her the benefit of the doubt: she may not have written To Kill a Mockingbird anyway. It’s been rumored for a long time that her lifelong friend Truman Capote actually wrote the book, or at least heavily contributed to it, and the fact that she never produced anything else in print except for the recent ‘prequel’ fueled that rumor. But whoever wrote it, there’s no doubt that it was a big contributor to White guilt. Even ”conservative” White women often say the book is their favorite. So ‘Mockingbird’ has done its part to create today’s anti-White, politically correct, racially-charged world, and yes, indirectly, to incite violence against Whites. Every little bit hurts.

And what is it with this particular kind of Southerner, Harper Lee and Truman Capote (and some other ‘literary’ Southrons) who seem to hate their own “roots” and their own folk? This is a problem that Southrons have to address. What does one call the White equivalent of an ‘Uncle Tom’? The older generations had a name for them that is too politically correct to utter.

Remember back in 2009 White Americans were subjected to a diatribe about how we were a ‘nation of cowards’ who refuse to dialogue on race? When have we ever been given a choice? Even in my sociology class, back in the late 70s, we were being silenced and told that our opinions did not count. We were told that it was our ‘turn’ to be slandered as we supposedly had it coming. Well, when will the score be evened? Our side is not being heard, and things get uglier and uglier, as the lies mount up to the heavens.

Boycott the lies, and answer them with the truth whenever possible. We can’t let only one side be heard forever.

6 thoughts on “White guilt month

  1. If the choice was between “Django” and “Dequavious,” I’d have gone with “Django” myself. The latest “western” with Sam Jackson makes him look like Dracula with a vacquero’s brim. Shades of who got invited to dinner in “Dowton Abbey.” Next it will be Will Smith playing Patton, for which he WILL receive a Oscar.

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  2. I have mixed feelings when it comes to Black History and Black History month. I do believe Black history should be taught in schools at all levels (and all other histories), but I don’t believe everyone else should be dragged through slave history year after year for a whole month. Black History month should focus more on showcasing what Blacks have achieved whether since or in spite of slavery, and focus a bit less on who made it almost possible for a long time.

    As far as the Django movie is concerned, I’m surprised to think anyone saw it as an Anti-White movie. I have a hard time thinking Leo would have willingly played a role in something like that, especially when he was the villain. Let us not forget that Django was abolished and accompanied by a White man the entire time; that this White man gave him his freedom and helped him get his girl in a time when Blacks probably outnumbered Whites in the south and he could have been with anyone else. This White man also died standing up for what he believed in: the freedom of the colored race(s).

    If anything, Django was anti-American, which is not the same thing. America is not a White country. It is a multicultural country, just like many other developed nations around the world, like Germany, Britain, Spain, and France.

    We all need to learn to live together. This constant pointing of fingers is getting tiresome. Fighting fire with fire does not reduce the heat…


    • Alexis, you clearly do not have mixed feelings about ‘Black history’ or black history month. You clearly were taught in school that there is only one point of view that is allowed or ‘fair’ and that is a pro-black, anti-White viewpoint, which you unconsciously took in from childhood. It is not all your fault; your teachers were likely leftist multicultists, because most education majors and the whole system are such. I know, because I have been there and done that.

      Your words sound conciliatory and mild but you obviously oppose points of view like mine, as you have been taught to do, thinking them to be ”racist” or ”bigoted.’
      Alexis – tell me, have you ever heard the expression ”Question authority”? Have you ever thought of doing so, of questioning what your teachers and the media tell you? The 60s counterculturalists popularized the “Question Authority” meme, but now that their kind are in charge, they don’t like that phrase anymore. They only questioned authority when it represented tradition and old American ideals. They don’t advise anyone to question the Left’s authority. Ever notice that?

      No, this country was never meant to be ”multicultural”, nor did the Founding Fathers ever say that it should be. They limited citizenship and immigration and so did Every Single Generation of Americans up until 1965.
      Multiculturalism breeds conflict everywhere it has been put into practice. It’s a failed and dangerous philosophy.
      Look up the word ‘balkanize’ or ‘balkanization.’ Read what happened to Yugoslavia once the iron hand of Communist rule no longer held the multicultural empire together.


    • Alexis, I have just noticed by your avatar that you are black. My answer would still be the same, regardless of your race, but I will say that it is natural for you to side with your race. So why is it not reasonable and natural for Whites or other races to side with their people?

      And yet if we all take sides against each other we cannot live harmonously together because our interests are in conflict with each other. Blacks seem to want an Afrocentric country (which America mostly is now) and this is against the interests of the majority.
      We cannot all have what we need in a multicultural empire. That’s why ethnostates existed in the first place.
      Good fences make good neighbors.


      • Well then!

        Bonny – I respect your opinion, but please do not presume to know me, my background or the extent of my opinions based on a comment on your blog post.

        First and foremost, do not presume you know the context in which I was raised and educated. I am a born and raised Jamaican who only recently migrated to the U.S. (after visiting for 17 years) to settle down with my husband who is a northern-boy from Illinois. We live in ATL where contrary to whatever the news says, I have yet to experience racism, even though…

        Second – my husband is White – as are the men I dated before him. That has ALWAYS been my preference.

        Thirdly – if you took the time to dig deeper into my opinion rather than blasting me with so much of your own, you might see a different story. For instance, in my blog post about Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance (http://alexischateau.com/2016/02/13/why-beyonces-super-bowl-50-performance-solves-nothing/) I actually spoke AGAINST it by pointing out that continuing to point fingers at other races solves nothing at all. It doesn’t bring peace. It incites violence.

        You speak of bigotry, but until you learn to listen/read more and speak a little less, you will only continue to make false assumptions about people – which you made of me based on the color of my skin, though I’ve barely been in America for half a year.

        As I’ve told many other people combating racism and other forms of discrimination in society: the most dangerous thing a person can have is not a gun or a bomb, but an assumption.

        As we say in Jamaica, “You can put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

        Have a good one. 😉


  3. Alexis, I find blacks from other countries have a much different point of view and I recall a U.S.-born black once complaining that the foreign “brothers” had no time for her and her friends and looked down on them.

    One of the most poignant comments I have read was one by a Nigerian woman on Melanie Phillips blog eight or ten years ago. Her family had emigrated to Britain, gone back, and then returned. She wrote a remarkable defense of free speech, rule of law, and British order and lamented how Britons were just throwing it all away. It was really odd to see a foreigner eloquently upbraid the locals as she did. I have an elderly white friend in England who simply is not willing to address this.

    Personally, I’m all in favor of Black History Month (soon to be upgraded to Black History Decade, I’m sure). So long, that is, as every aspect of black history is covered. Now, the one thing white official America — and blacks in general — simply refuses to deal with is the pathologies of the parasitic underclass it has created (and they have supported). The underclass has its white, brown, and red component, of course, but it is overwhelmingly black. The execrable excuse for black political leadership is deeply rooted in those pathologies and white liberals fawn over it. And our subsidization of this awful dependency/parasitism is as much a moral failing on the part of the white majority as its passive acceptance of the despicable doctrines of muliti-culturalism and diversity.

    You have chosen to come live in a country that has lost its way.


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