More on the most distrusted man

Speaking of that most distrusted man, I see that at the Hawaiian Libertarian blog, Keoni Galt has a post about Trump and the ‘wall’ that Trump proposes to build.

Galt admittedly doesn’t trust Trump.  He believes that Trump’s proposed wall would be the means devised by The Powers That Be to keep unhappy Americans prisoners within ”our” country. The immigration crisis, then, would be a man-made crisis engineered for the purpose of making a wall seem necessary or desirable: make the ”sheeple” clamor for a wall to keep the millions of immigrants out.

Galt asserts that Trump is one of the ‘Elites’ we have grown to justly despise. After all, he is a billionaire, a celebrity, a jet-setter. But are these factors alone enough to make one part of this globalist inner cabal? I am pretty sure that not every single billionaire or multi-millionaire is necessarily a power-mad globalist, hell-bent on world domination as part of this inner circle. But then I can’t prove my assertion; I can’t prove that Donald Trump is not secretly part of this cabal, any more than Galt can prove that he is. So that’s moot. But it does seem to me that with this army of pundits, bloggers, and commenters on both sides and all segments of the political spectrum who dislike Trump intensely, some among them would have long since come up with some kind of smoking gun showing that Trump is a member of this or that globalist in-group — CFR, Bilderberg, or any number of the other groups. If there was any substantial evidence that he was part of the globalist circle, that would surely make him anathema to many of his current supporters and defenders. Yet of all the angry Trump critics on the Internet or in dead tree media, I haven’t yet come across any who’ve made accusations of that type. We’ve heard that Cruz’ wife is CFR and evidently in with that in-crowd, but no such claims about Trump. Oh, I know: someone will say it’s being concealed so as to dupe us. He is really the arch-conspirator, the architect of it all, secretly.

I absolutely believe conspiracies exist; history shows us that. The real world tells us so. I am not one of the ‘anti-conspiracy kooks’, or the ‘Coincidence Theorists’. But I also don’t mistrust everyone reflexively; I don’t believe everything to be a huge deception. Occam’s Razor and all that. Discernment matters. We can neither accept everything unquestioningly nor doubt everything and suspect everything and everyone. To do the latter is to court nihilism, or to become cynical and resigned, because if there is really a group of god-like people controlling everything behind the scenes, then we are powerless. We are pawns, mere flies to wanton schoolboys. But the Bible tells us that the powerful men, the captains and the kings (that phrase is from the King James) are ”but men.” They are not gods, with a small ‘g’, even. They are not in ultimate control. They are fallible and human, and all the technology of the world at their disposal, all the wealth, cannot make them gods. Their best-laid plans will and can go ‘aft agley’, in Burns’ words.

I can’t give in to total cynicism. Personally, I think that if there are these James Bond movie-style villains out there conspiring to Control The World and to destroy us (and there evidently are) they would like nothing better than for us to become cynical and therefore resigned to our fate, defeated in advance. In fact it’s been reported that there are Internet operatives assigned to ‘guide’ discussions on the web, and one of their goals is to demoralize us, make us feel hopeless and defeatist, and to turn to their ‘bread and circuses’, hedonism and gadgets and distractions, to prevent us from interfering with their plans, or resisting, even if only psychologically.

But to return to the idea of a wall meant to keep us in, a la East Berlin, as one of the commenters at HL said, what about our large coastal areas? Can they patrol those so tightly as to keep us all in? And here’s another thing: a border ‘fence’ was approved in 2006 — ten years ago, and abandoned as a failure. Why? There was no political will to build it. If ‘The Powers That Be’, that is, Trump and the Cabal, wanted a wall or fence, why wasn’t it built when it was approved and planned? Who thwarted the all-powerful Powers That Be then, if it was their burning desire to build a wall?

It may be, I suppose, that Donald Trump is Manchurian Candidate #2, as Keoni Galt says. But if so, who are the other candidates? If the whole political system is rigged (and it is tightly manipulated, for sure), then all of the candidates are equally capable of doing the bidding of the mysterious Powers That Be. And they don’t have to get the majority of the populace on board with the Plan; the younger generations are completely PC-programmed and unlikely to resist any facet of the globalist agenda. It’s only the older generations (everyone older than millennials) who are likely to prove resistant. But most people are either mind-conditioned, passive, or too preoccupied or tuned-out to be any real threat to the agenda. There’s no need to dupe us into supporting a pretend-populist ‘Manchurian candidate.’ If the dissidents are made so cynical that they abstain from taking part in the political process or making their voices heard, then the rest of the population will pose no threat to the Agenda.

6 thoughts on “More on the most distrusted man

  1. Alan Keyes is pushing the same idea about a wall being built on the Mexican to keep us imprisoned. Just shows the ridiculous nonsensical claims these people are having to resort to try to get people to work against their own interests. Forget the coastal areas what about the Canadian border? No one is proposing to build a wall on that border. Oh I know Canada will also be part of the new authoritarian police state where all outbound international travel will be banned with escape to Mexico being the only hope for freedom and liberty. So right the elites are going to turn all of Canada and the United States into a prison which means the American military must still be intact and enforcing this situation right?

    Ok so for some reason the globalist elites are going to be running an open prison like society in the USA and Canada but they aren’t going to be able to exercise power in Mexico and come down there to kill you and bring you back? I mean really?

    Let’s assume all the impossible crazy stuff above could actually happen though and yet despite the complete disruption in the global economy these actions would be sure to cause Mexico for some reason has as “stable”a society as it possesses today. What do you think the Mexican government and people’s response would be to hordes of persecuted gringos streaming south for asylum would be? Well based on how they treat other Latin American illegal immigrants who try to enter their country who are far more racially and culturally similar to themselves than we are I think they would at the least be more than happy to send us right back to our masters in the gulag if not just machine gun us all down.

    The whole thing makes no sense. 🙂

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    • It really does make no sense. I think Ron Paul made a point in the last election about how a wall would or could be used to keep us in, but most Republicans (except for the Open Borders crowd) scoffed at his statements. Suddenly though it’s a credible idea?
      I agree with you.
      BTW, I am still working on trying to get a blog going on the Anglo-American identity and history. Slow going, so far. I am spread too thin lately. But I hope to get it going.


  2. VA I agree on the danger of being defeatist and not trying. We have to push the chances open to us, even if we are uncertain of their effect, like voting. But with voting comes the chance to discuss, change minds. Also it is one of those in person physical activities that we are told are all that count.

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    • Jeff Sessions is a good guy. I respect his judgment. Even he, though, qualified his endorsement by saying ”we can’t have everything we want; nobody’s perfect”. Maybe he wasn’t saying he wasn’t satisfied with Trump as a candidate but only trying to make an appeal to those people who say Trump is ”a liberal” etc. The Cruz supporters are sulking and pouting over Trump’s successes so far and they need to be coaxed like children.


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