Super Tuesday totals

I can’t complain too much about the results of the Super Tuesday voting. It was pretty much as I expected — unfortunately, as I had expected in Texas.

Texas has changed greatly since my childhood, and although there is still some of the old Texas remaining, the handwriting is on the wall.

There was a time, not that long ago, when Texas would not have elected a Ted Cruz or voted for him as a Presidential nominee. I mean, even on purely legalistic, technical grounds, he is not qualified to be President. Does that not matter to today’s multiculturalized, ‘cucked’ Texans?  Does Rafael Cruz qualify, in the minds of today’s Texans, as a ‘native son’ of Texas or of the United States? Some people need a remedial civics class, and a non-politically correct history class too, while we are at it.

A commenter at Occidental Dissent sums up why he thinks Texas is so ‘cucked’:


“If I had any doubt about whether I would vote or not, clearly this is not one to sit out.

But any way you slice it, Texas is now officially the single most cucked state in the union. We are overrun with messicans and California refugees who didn’t learn a damn thing with what they did to that once beautiful state, but instead are now stinking up Austin and everywhere else in Texas. And the Katrina refugees too, they made a dent on Texas culture and they never left. And it’s all starting to really show now.

That this is the only place where Cruz has a good chance of winning is not a good omen for the future of Texas.”

I think he makes some valid observations in that comment.

My central theme here on this blog is ‘Vanished America’, and the fate of us, the sons and daughters of the America that was. Maybe I should start a ‘Vanished Texas’ blog.



4 thoughts on “Super Tuesday totals

  1. I moved to Houston about four years ago. When I came, I was still part of the Beltway Right. Living here has moved me to sites like View From the Right, Vanishing American, The Thinking Housewife, etc. It’s safe to say I’m no longer a supporter of business as usual Republicanism, especially after the University I attended expelled me for confronting black sexual deviants in the dorm anf then publicly decrying the Muslim invasion on campus – a Catholic campus – also initiating a homosexual club sponsored by the Campus ministry department. They then put holds on my transcripts, banned me from the campus as a threat to the wellbeing of the student body, and effectively ended my chances with the fire department (a job a worked towards for a year) by lying. All of this done by the very liberal Student Affairs administration. Hardly any of the “Conservatives” or Christians defended me, even some denouncing me on Facebook because they were promised jobs.

    Houston is a cesspool of Liberalism. The State of Texas is filled with single issue “Conservatives” voting for Cruz because they only care about abortion. And yet they don’t understand that immigrants favor the policies that keep Planned Parenthood alive, often participating in many abortions themselves. But that doesn’t matter. These “Conservatives” are for “democracy” they say, voting in men that will use authoritarian force to end PP even though they’ve ignored the immigration crisis that had helped create a majority that now accepts and tolerates abortion. Funny how that works, huh. They’re unwillingness to fight for all issues of genuine Conservative concern, concentrating all their efforts on abortion, just helps Liberals succeed. Americans care more for foreign life by embracing the stranger than they do the unborn life of their own being aborted in droves.

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  2. Northern Virginia has been enriched by the highly educated, who vote for Marco Rubio. I can’t figure that one out. Even in my most deluded state, ie believing in TV and government, I would never have voted for Marco Rubio. Nor would I have bought he was the most electable.

    I hope Trump actually builds the wall and deports the illegals. Or will we get small sections of wall and symbolic deportations that the media plays up as if they were complete?

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  3. When I first arrived in Texas 20 years ago, it was a refreshing change to me from living overseas or on the east coast. People were so much more warm, polite, genuine, and just neighborly. However, as time went on, I met fewer and fewer Texans and more and more from NY, NJ, CA, and IL. My suburb went from being attacked as “hideously White” in the increasingly leftist Dallas Morning News to being lauded as a model of diversity with its barely 60% White majority. When our church went from being defiantly opposed to homosexuality to triumphantly welcoming of diversity, we left. The local public schools’ purported “excellence” is due to masses of Indians and Chinese who have no concept of civic mindedness and whose sole motivator is ethnic solidarity and grievance and the future welfare of their multiple offspring.

    I can think of perhaps ONE local politician I respect. All the others are cucks of one sort or another, including my ancient but tenacious Congressman. John Cornyn has never cared for my vote, nor former Democrat Rick Perry, nor Greg Abbott. Is it truly better to have the bandaid of a purported White male when his policies differ so little from the Democrats? In reality, Wendy Davis epitomizes the “new” Texas. All those who talk about secession seem to view Texas through an historical lense totally out of focus with current reality. If it weren’t for my husband’s job, in all honesty I can no longer think of any reason for remaining here. It doesn’t feel like America, let alone like Texas.

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    • Sheila, thanks for your perspective. Having come there from elsewhere and then living through the changes that have taken place, you know how much things have been transformed.
      I agree with you about secession; what good would it do to secede if Texas became just another multicultural, PC, polyglot outpost of Babel? And a lot of today’s Texans think that’s the way it should be, which makes it even sadder.


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