Taboo truths

It needs to be talked about. I’ve referred to it a number of times: the Reconstruction period of American history, in which the South was sentenced to be punished for slavery, ‘bigotry’ and assorted other assumed crimes.

Make no mistake, Reconstruction was not about ‘reconstructing’ or rebuilding the South in any good sense, but about punishment, exacting revenge. Payback. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth and more. And it never stops. We are now in Reconstruction, part III.

Part II was the ‘Civil Rights’ Coup, which, true to Part I, was not about its stated purpose, not about ‘rights’ or ‘equality’ but again, about revenge and payback, levelling. Bringing us down to a common level so that there would be no excellence.

And it was about removing our freedom of association, and delegitimizing our interests.

And though Reconstruction is very pertinent to what is happening now, it is radioactive to this day. Few ”conservatives”, few pro-Whites of any sort will touch the subject. Maybe this is because only the older generations from the South know much about it, having been taught once in pro-Southern, pro-White schools. The younger generations know nothing of it, unless they have heard from their unreconstructed elders about it, and few apparently have. And then political correctness, societal change at the hands of ”progressive” educators, has caused many Southrons to believe in the guilt of their forebears, and to embrace the ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ view of Southern history.

So I give Laura Wood at Thinking Housewife credit for posting about this subject, linking to an article describing a recent CNN debate in which these things were discussed. I am surprised that they found any White willing to defend the South, much less, a certain ‘secret society’ that was begun in the Reconstruction era for the express purpose of defending the White people of the South, who were disarmed, denied political rights and denied the protection of established ‘law and order’, as the occupation government of the South was made up of Northern carpetbagging opportunists, Southern ‘scalawags’ and turncoats, and newly-freed slaves, the latter of whom were let run riot.

This debate on CNN was occasioned by the attempts to slander Donald Trump as some kind of bigot because he was endorsed by David Duke. As if he can control who endorses him. In case the lefties haven’t noticed it, every election, the Communist Party USA endorses the Democrat candidate. Are the Democrats slammed for that? Never. Communism took many, many more lives than all the Southron self-defense organizations ever took. Millions. Billions, probably, if we tally them all up. Think of the mass deaths under Mao and Pol Pot. But to go by what our reprehensible media and educational system tell us, one would think that Southern men, attempting to defend their families, lives, and property, were the most murderous, vicious men in history.

Not even close. And it’s a crying shame that too few of us will speak up in defense of  our forefathers, who were doing what decent men would do in a situation where they had no legal recourse; law and order were part of the problem. Were the problem.

In any case, the latter-day organization with which David Duke is associated is not the same as that of the Reconstruction era; few people in the South even know any members of any supposedly ubiquitous ‘hate group’ which does what that group is accused of doing these days. The self-styled ‘hate-watch’ groups conjure up bogeymen and raise hysteria about non-existent waves of ‘hate crimes’ by shadowy groups. And few people demand documentation and proof of these vague allegations. Instead, guilt is assumed, and we don’t challenge that.

I was blessed to come from a family in which the generations were long; by that I mean that I am not that many generations removed from the Reconstruction era, because my great-grandfather married and fathered his family later in life — so that knowledge of the events of his time got passed down those few generations between us.

If we have to rely on history books to tell us the truth, we will find precious few books written after the mid-20th century that tell the whole story. Even most of the books written by Southrons have bought into the PC narrative, and have a defensive tone.

Until we are willing to try to search out original sources ( is a good place to look, as most of our local libraries are discarding older books in favor of PC new ones) we will not have the facts to try to refute the lies.

The truth matters. We need to stop shrinking from it, and stop letting the truth be rendered ‘radioactive’.

5 thoughts on “Taboo truths

  1. Great essay VA and also link to TH. The real problem is not David Duke who has never harmed anyone in his life. Strange this man is so vilified.

    Reconstruction could be called Retrayvon. Trayvonization is what the South was subjected to. We can see that going on vividly on Youtube videos of Yoofs attacking someone, often knocking them down and kicking them in the head.

    The Union passed the Enforcement Acts in 1870, 1871 to impose Black rule over the Whites and to let loose the Trayvons in a wild spree of terrorism.

    The exact same tactics are being used today both in Europe and in America. Their results in Rhodesia and South Africa are plain to see.

    No religion has blinded its adherents to the evil they do more than the Religion of Equality. Communism in the Soviet Union was what RofE did with just White people. When they have Blacks to use, the results are Detroit.

    Fox managed to avoid any discussion of how Detroit got the way it was in its debate over the evils of Trump University. One would think TrumpU caused the fall of Detroit.

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  2. Make no mistake, they care nothing at all for niggers. No one really does. They are worthless and useless garbage. The nigger is their view of the perfect slave. Stupid idiotic trash that knows nothing about what rights and freedom really are and can be bought cheap with gibsmedat junk. They are nothing but obsolete farm equipment that stupid pathetic nose goblins who follow a cowardly liar see as their perfect step-it fetch-it peon slave. They want you to pollute your blood with this garbage so you don’t cast a long shadow over the rat race.


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