Globalist or nationalist?

In the wake of the ‘Super Saturday’ results, there is a lot of heated back-and-forth between those who prefer Cruz and those who prefer Trump.

I admit to having a bias here. I don’t see the allure that Cruz seems to have for some. And it seems that the people who support him are anything but lukewarm; it seems they are not to be persuaded by any argument against his candidacy or his qualifications.

I can see why some are vehement in their support for Trump, despite his obvious flaws. I think it’s because many people feel this is our last chance; the hour is late, and if the immigration issue, most of all, is not addressed once and for all, the rest is irrelevant. And I think the Trump fans are correct in perceiving that Trump is the only one who even might try to correct our course as we stand in danger of going off the cliff.

I see no convincing evidence that Rafael Cruz, an immigrant and son of an immigrant, has the will or the intent to stop the immigration tsunami, or to make any other necessary change. His recent hard-line posture on immigration struck me as ”me-too” echoing what Trump said in order to try to steal Trump’s thunder.

Cruz was no doubt elected to office in Texas in considerable part because of the Hispanic vote. I doubt very much that he would betray that constituency.

One more question: many of the people who read and comment on ‘alt-right’ blogs claim to be nationalists or pro-White — yet many seem to support Cruz. Now, if the political divide is now, as Marine Le Pen says, not between left and right, but between globalists and nationalists. which side are the Cruz followers on? How can their consciences let them vote for a man who is not ‘of us,’, not American-born, of our stock? Actions speak louder than words.

Christians, too, who support Cruz should re-read the passage from Deuteronomy which tells us to choose a leader from amongst our own people, not a stranger.

Seeing how many on the ‘right’ support a stranger (possibly just because they dislike Trump more than they actually like Cruz) makes me discouraged about the strength of ethnonationalism in this country.

2 thoughts on “Globalist or nationalist?

  1. VA I agree with you on Cruz supporters. Trump supporters see the flaws and risks, while Cruz supporters seem oblivious. Their devotion to Cruz makes them seem fake.

    So it is down to Trump as our last gasp. Sort of like applying to Trump U with credit card debt to pay for tuition.

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  2. The remarks made by his former co-workers, teachers, and classmates confirm every suspicion anyone might have about this snake oil salesman. He’s an establishment guy, born into the W. Bush establishment era, which explains his Neoconservative propensities, and was booted out for being overly ambitious. He has a vendetta now.

    Plus, any man that says “If you hate Israel, then you hate America. And if you don’t love the Jews then you’re not acting like a Christian” (paraphrase) should be immediately suspect.

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