Southern History resources

I’ve added a new link to the sidebar for the Society of Independent Southern Historians. I haven’t had a chance to explore it fully but it appears to be a very good source for learning about the history of the South, especially in those areas which are so neglected by modern educators.

I am embarrassed to say that I promised a regular reader that I would put together my own collection of links to old historical sources but I am just disorganized enough, and still so unfamiliar with WordPress that I haven’t managed to post the page yet. So I hope this link will prove useful to those who want more information.

Hat tip to Roland for the link.

One thought on “Southern History resources

  1. I linked to this today and read an article today about “African Americans in Southern society” (Or something close to that). Apparently, we all have some African in us. The Southerners were apparently ancient multiculturalists, you see. They loved the blacks who basically built, designed and discovered America. To boot, their agricultural knowledge really helped the Southern economy. Where would whites be without African Americans? That’s the message I got.

    Then I looked up the author, Barbara Marthal. Surprise! She’s a black Confederate married to a white Confederate. Both enjoy reenactments of the Civil war, especially the battle at Selma.

    I’ll link the to the chapter she wrote so you can read it (it’s relatively short). This was a contribution to the book about a more accurate Southern history, which that link provides. Obviously, I’m not jumping the gun here. I’ll do more research and read more of the online book before I make a final conclusion but something is fishy.

    In the mean time, here’s a blog post about Barbara. You should also read the “about” section of this blog.


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