‘Texas is Mexican-made’

This post is for those (and they are legion) who keep saying ‘the Hispanics who’ve been here for generations don’t like illegal immigration any more than we do. They are Americanized and assimilated.

A Hispanic-“American” anti-Trump protester gives us his two centavos about illegal immigration and warns that Trump, if elected, had better not start ”breaking up families” by sending illegals home.

After explaining that he isn’t an advocate for open borders, he argued that many of the illegal immigrants living in the U.S. “already got families and kids that are here” — and they wouldn’t allow a Trump administration to break up their families.

“It ain’t gonna happen,” Gonzales said. “You really want the Mexicans to really, really stir, really get mad? Y’all don’t understand — we aren’t the minority anymore. We own Texas. Texas is Mexican-made. I’m five generations deep right here.”

Well, after five generation here, you still identify as a Mexican and not as an American? That’s fine with me, and it is no surprise to me. Not only is it human nature to side with one’s own, (blood is, in fact, thicker than water), but it is not surprising because Hispanics, even those from differing Latin American countries, will side with one another over ‘Anglos’ because of their common language and similar cultures plus the commonality of their mestizo descent. Hence Cruz’s popularity in Texas.

For years various self-described conservatives have argued, sometimes obnoxiously, that Hispanics ‘assimilate’ because they are “Christian” and that they are at heart loyal to this country after a generation or so. I suspect many of those who make those unsupported arguments are either politically correct cuckservatives or those who have Hispanic connections via intermarriage, dating, or people who otherwise romanticize Latin Americans, having seen too many old movies and known too few actual Hispanic-‘Americans.’ Experience can be a wonderful teacher but we can see how many people fail to learn despite experience.

Now some will say that the truculent Senor Gonzales is just the exception; that he doesn’t represent the majority. From experience, I say they are wrong.

And this interview with Gonzales also illustrates my point from an earlier post about how Texas had changed demographically, possibly beyond restoration. Demography is destiny, and people like Gonzales will prefer even a half-Hispanic Canadian over  a gringo, even if the ‘gringo’ is another open-borders ideologue.

One more thing that vexes me to no end: the cliche/talking point that Gonzales uses about ‘breaking up families.’ Who was the author of that lie? I only ever remember hearing it about 10 or 12 years ago, when a few people were getting sent home to Mexico. The lying media framed the deportation stories as a case of ‘tearing families apart.’ The stories were tearjerkers about how the poor crying children were torn from Mama’s bosom as she was being hauled away. What inhumanity! What heartlessness! How can a civilized people even imagine doing such atrocities, ripping families apart? It’s just like the days of slavery. And on and on.

Does this country have laws forbidding deported illegals from taking their children with them? The media always wrote about the American citizen children being deprived of their mother or father, yet what kind of parents would leave their children behind, even with relatives? Don’t ask me to believe that Mexico would make the children stay in America while the parent returns; as far as I know, the children are considered Mexican though born here as ”anchor babies”,  because of their Mexican parentage and ancestry. So the people who use the ‘ripping families apart’ line are liars or idiots or both.

As the Mexican population of this country increases (and it is still increasing) our dubious friend Gonzales and other ‘Americanized Hispanics’ will be more emboldened and more ethnocentric and aggressively so. He is telling us as much — how many gringos will take him at his word? Not enough, I suspect, until it’s too late to alter our destiny as a country.

3 thoughts on “‘Texas is Mexican-made’

  1. Few of them ever actually come over as whole families…they don’t mind “tearing apart their families” to send padre up here to get a job framing houses or finishing concrete…not for madre, mijo, & mija to convince the Feds they are fleeing gang violence or abuse or whatever (as though they won’t find more here once they settle in one of our Mexican communities). The strangers in this land are not to be taken seriously; they need to be deported with no concern for their fussing. The problem is, we don’t have the will to do it nor the smarts to even realize if we don’t deport them, they will deport us. Land has never been a neutral playground.

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  2. I’ve heard that a lot of the Texas Hispanics, at least the ones who have been there for some time, are fairly well assimilated. But will this change as the Hispanic percentage keeps growing? What we need to consider is what I call the Tonto principle.

    Lone Ranger: Tonto, it looks like we’re surrounded by Indians. Tonto: What do you mean “we,” white man.

    As the Hispanic percentage increases, they will feel the call of the blood, and the desire to re-assimilate to what appears to be the winning side. Without a white majority, there will be no assimilation to the traditional character and values of America.


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