New ‘hub’ link

I’m adding a link to a new ‘hub’ which I’ve just learned of. I wonder is the name ‘Pro-White’ considered taboo now? Certainly the idea is considered beyond the pale by the PC commissars.

It’s good to see that there is more being done to network. Though I admit I am feeling like the ”red-headed stepchild” as my blog is not linked there. Nevertheless I wish them well. There are a lot of valuable blogs listed there.

8 thoughts on “New ‘hub’ link

  1. You should have been listed VA. Also Génération Identitaire. Give the Moslem situation in Paris and its linkage to Mossad-ISIS they should be linked to as well.

    Stefan Molyneux was not listed, nor was or whatever Takimag is these days.

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  2. Well, one explanation for your snub is your more rational and reasonable approach to these issues. Sure, there’s intelligent sources here; however, I’m more inclined to see many of these sites as blatantly and unqualified examples of white supremacy.

    You deliver a strong, direct message about the importance of national identity and the existential nature of nationhood with the characteristics of a particular people. You also do that in a way that leaves little doubt in my mind that your intentions are grounded on care and concern for tradition and history.

    Some of these other sites are nihilistic. They argue in the same ways as minorities trying to over throw white majority countries, which for them is more about power and prestige of race rather than goodness and truth. So, I for one am glad you stand alone as one of those distinguished bloggers who is balanced and motivated by presenting truth for the sustainability of tradition, history and for goodness rather than just “white power”.

    Thanks VA.


    • Nick – I appreciate the kind words. You offer thoughtful comments and I appreciate your input.

      As for where I fit in on the ‘pro-White’ spectrum, it’s true that I started out blogging as more or less a standard ”paleocon” (I’ve noticed that a few of my long-time blogging colleagues still call me that) rather than as WN though somebody (moldbug, I think) included me in his category of WNs. But since then. I have moved to the right as the world seems to be listing so badly to the left. I think some of us have become more openly dissident as our kinds of views are increasingly delegitimized.
      I agree there are some of the bloggers on the right end of the spectrum that are pretty nihilistic. Still if we are all motivated by the same concern, with the existential threat we face…


    • OA – do you think they are not legit? Maybe it’s just as well that they don’t include me — but as we don’t know who ‘they’ are…?
      Any further thoughts about the site or the possible owners?

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  3. It is hosted in Phoenix. The FBI has an office there. The Pheonix memo was a memo from FBI office in Phoenix to FBI HQ about threat of al Qaeda in US. If 911 was a mind control gov op, then the Phoenix office of FBI may be doing this as a further gov op.


  4. I think the FBI is laughing at us. The joke is on them, because their kids are stuck with college debt too and are not getting into NWO colleges like Harvard that have very few White Gentiles.


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