Progressives’ promises to leave

In one of the manifestations of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ on the part of the leftists, they are discussing their possible places of ‘refuge’, should their worst nightmares come to pass with Trump becoming President.

Trump-Flight: Where Will Liberals Flee To If Trump Wins?

According to the linked piece, they are considering Canada (popular as an escape since the Vietnam War days),  New Zealand (always a popular place for them to flee to, given its socialist multicult politics and its peacenik reputation), and even less likely places such as Singapore.

Why do I say Singapore is an unlikely place for self-styled progressives to seek safe haven from the big bad ‘right-wingers’? Well, it does have the reputation of being very multicultural but as is pointed out in the Morgoth’s Review piece, its ‘diversity’ is limited mostly to Asian diversity, though I have meet Whites (New Zealanders) who lived there for some years — and who liked it. But it does have the name of being a rather strict country where laws are concerned; no liberal justice system there as in most Western countries. Does anyone remember the big controversy in this country when some teenager from the states was sentenced to caning for committing vandalism in Singapore? To our shame, the U.S. government (Clinton’s administration) carried on as if it were a death sentence and tried to get him exonerated or the punishment lessened. And they succeeded. Anyway from what I have heard Singapore is not the libertarians’ or liberals’ idea of paradise.

I am surprised that France was not at the top of the list of preferred countries for the poor persecuted progressives. Every time they promise to exile themselves or renounce their citizenship for fear of the right-wing nazis, they say they are moving to France. Yet few of them actually go. Surprise: they are liars. They don’t keep their promises to clear out and find greener pastures amongst their own kind. And maybe even the lefties know that France is being destroyed from within.

It seems to me that in the last few election cycles Michael Moore promised to flee to France where he would be amongst more congenial company, and he’s still here — unfortunately for America. Who else has threatened, or promised I should say, to leave us? Jane Fonda, yet I think she’s still here. Johnny Depp has apparently come back from France because he didn’t want to pay taxes as a permanent resident, but then apparently he was not a ”political exile.”

With the progressives, this talk of ‘fleeing’ from fascist America or from their bogeyman, Trump, is just theatrics. Just drama-queen grandstanding. They won’t go anywhere, much to our vexation. They would much rather stay where they are comfortable and above all, where they can continue to be a thorn in the side of what is left of traditional America. They are just like children throwing tantrums to get attention. They would like to imagine themselves to be the principled, heroic ‘political dissidents’ standing up to the evil right-wingers, rebelling against ‘The Man.’ What they refuse to acknowledge is that they are ‘The Man’ now; they are The Establishment. They represent not the ‘freedom fighter’ but the prevailing and dominant political ideology. They are the foot on the neck of the right, not vice-versa, as they would have it. It is theirboot stamping on the human face’.

If there is anybody who has the need to seek political safe haven somewhere else, it is the only real dissidents: those on the ‘right’, the people who represent traditional ideas and ideals, not just the political right, nationalists, but Christians as well. For the left to fantasize that they are the victims and the rest of us the victimizers shows how very dishonest, or delusional they are, how out of touch with reality. Or are they merely being manipulative?

Whichever the case may be, I fear that ‘the left, we have always with us.’

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