Rioters shut down Trump rally


We are the danger,” the rioters boast via Twitter.  Yes, the left is the danger; as I said in yesterday’s post they are what another leftist, Orwell, warned of when he said that the future would be a boot stamping on a human face. Forever.

Various groups, including Soros-funded, as well as BLM, Occupy Wall Street, and the Bernie Sanders organization were involved in the disorder, and claim credit for it. Just a coincidence that Sanders was alluding to ‘revolution’ at a rally for his supporters the other day?

If the left continues to prevail, Orwell will have been proven right.

Meanwhile, the darling of the ‘status quo’ conservatives, Cruz, says that Trump is responsible for the violence in Chicago.  I would expect nothing less of him. But the National Review has endorsed Cruz — so much for the idea on the part of his supporters that he is an ‘outsider’ or a threat to the establishment. The endorsement of NR is not exactly the highest recommendation.

Speaking of endorsements, I hear that Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner says s/he is Team Cruz, and wants to be his Trans-Ambassador.

Will he disavow Mz Jenner’s endorsement? Will his supposedly-many evangelical supporters ask him to, or will they all take the politically correct, “inclusive” tack? It’s hard to know these days.

Strange times we live in. Strange, and troubling.

2 thoughts on “Rioters shut down Trump rally

  1. I think you have spotted the leftist organization behind the riots in Rahm Emanuel’s city. Trump really went into enemy territory and felt the full power of anarcho-terrorism. This is like the 1920s in Germany, by design.

    Michael Beschloss was on Rachel Maddow last night calling Donald Trump a Mussolini and George Wallace.

    The left won’t leave this alone. They have tasted power with Obama that they won’t let go of easily. Nor will they abandon White race replacement. The race they prefer was on display in the riots in Chicago.

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  2. Yes.
    Apparently the rioters were the perfect ”diverse and inclusive” group of people, so it was a multiethnic bunch that was perpetrating the violence. The deluded Whites who took part are too far-gone to realize that they are just being used and are not respected by the nonwhites they revere so much. When they are no longer needed (the White lefties, I mean) they will not be tolerated by the rest of their ”brothers” of color.
    If this kind of leftist violence isn’t stemmed it will just escalate.


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