Trump’s would-be attacker

It seems that the ‘SJW’ who rushed the stage at the Dayton, Ohio rally for Trump has quite a history as a leftist ”activist” (read:thug), and announced his intentions via social media. I was ready, after reading some of this person’s Tweets, to condemn Twitter for not banning his account, since they claim to disallow ‘hate speech.’. But even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Twitter apparently has deleted the account of this Tommy Dimassimo, the Trump assailant.

DiMassimo has a history of highly theatrical Hate Whitey statements, threats, and gestures like dragging an American flag around as part of an anti-white protest. Here’s an archive of his tweets.

His mother Faye DiMassimo is an important executive in mayor Kasim Reed’s Atlanta city government.”

And way back in August of last year, we read at the Occidental Dissent blog about this same Dimassimo, then seen trampling on and burning a Confederate Battle Flag at a Stone Mountain, GA rally.


Clearly in the photo above he is deliberately trying to provoke a response from the people in the stands. That’s always what these types seek to do: ideally, to get the other side to attack you so you have the supposed moral high ground, and can feel vindicated in denouncing the other side (normal White people) as ”haters”, as violent bigots. Then you get to play the wronged victim, always the cherished role for the SJW types.

Dimassimo also said in his Tweets that ‘martyrdom’ was his goal.

I see that his Facebook page is not available now; no surprise, usually such a page is scrubbed quickly when the person behind it has suddenly attained notoriety. The disgusting thing is that Dimassimo was apparently released on bail. Would a ”right-wing” person charged with such a crime be released so easily? Of course not, and it probably doesn’t hurt that his mother is in Atlanta city government.

Dimassimo, though typical of the leftist ‘foot soldier’ and professional agitator (he apparently is a small-time wannabe actor and a rather old ‘perpetual student’) is not the author of all this; obviously the organized left finds people like Dimassimo useful, and we’ve seen how groups like and BLM and individuals like George Soros have claimed ‘credit’ for these recent events involving Trump. So Dimassimo is a bit player in this particular drama, though he may think he is a man of significance.

The troubling thing is that there are so many like him who are willing to use violence for political aims, and that there are monied, powerful interests willing to use such deluded political fanatics.

Even worse, though, is that it is not just the left that is party to all this, but the establishment, ‘respectable’ right. Witness Cruz’s statements regarding the rally violence:

“When you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discourse.”

So the establishment Republicans are essentially siding with the leftist/ethnic thugs who perpetrate the violence, placing most if not all the blame on Trump and those who support him.  Good. Now maybe people will see the true colors here. Enough of the masquerade.

But Cruz and the other establishment candidates are not the worst. Gateway Pundit here calls attention to the anti-Trump Republicans at Red State, resorting to what looks very much like incitement to violence against Trump. The following is a quote from Neil Stevens:

My advice for reporters and protestors visiting Donald Trump events is simple: You have a right to keep and bear arms. Use it. If Trump’s brownshirts know their targets are armed, they’ll get less handsy, fast.”

At the very least, this is irresponsibility. Is this how desperate the establishment GOP, namely, the Cruz backers, are to thwart Trump and his supporters? Because it is just as much about Trump supporters as it is about the man himself: these ‘respectables’ see Trump supporters as The Enemy, as much or more than the Left. To them, Trump’s supporters are White trash, rednecks — essentially the same laundry list of insults that the Left throws at ordinary White people. Maybe people are instinctively taking sides, sorting themselves out now. And that’s good; there has long been a group of very dissimilar people under the GOP ‘big tent’ and many normal White people are seeing in very stark terms how they are not welcomed, not wanted by the ‘Respectable’ Republicans, cuckservatives, or whatever name we choose to place on them. Leave the GOP to the multicult, the Cubans, Sikhs, Hindus, Hispanics, their preferred constituencies. White people are so yesterday.

Good. Let’s see who is who. This is a learning experience, if we can receive it.

3 thoughts on “Trump’s would-be attacker

  1. Thanks for finding out this info VA on Thomas DiMassimo. His name reminds me of D’Alesandro. Although the Pelosi D’Alesandros have done far more harm than DeMassimo is ever likely to achieve.

    That photo of DiMassimo in front of the fence with the angry crowd is one that “conspiracy theorists” would say is staged. I did Google image search and looked at some articles, but I could not find out very much.


  2. I think there is staging. “All staged” requires care to interpret. There is randomness in outcomes and reactions of the people. It is like introducing a new product. You don’t really know if it will succeed, even if the publicity and MSM coverage is manipulated.

    Brand Trump is being managed. This includes the Chicago Trump Rally as staged. The reaction of Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, Rachel Maddow was mostly scripted.

    Symbols like the Confederate Flag they regard as theirs to manipulate and pull out and retry the same gags with variations. White Supremacy is another stock gag they regard as owned by them.

    Most people are dupe witnesses. They are present at the event and don’t know it is manipulated, in a sense fake. They take it at face value.

    There are side effects to their actions, ie variables they didn’t consider important even unknown unknowns. They careen down history creating side effects until they finally destroy the system.

    I am guessing the Roman Empire was as staged or more. The hoaxing and deception create side effects as the managers focus on the hoaxing and not on the real problems.

    Our managers ignore that immigration substitutes for births and they believe in super equality. They not only believe people are equal, but you can substitute any person or group for any other without the side effects adding up. They think anyone duped by them can be substituted out without any consequence because they think the person or group they substitute can be hoaxed and duped the same way.

    If they create a hoax, they can’t realize some part of it was true. They think White Genocide is their hoax and they can’t realize it is a math theorem, is shown by statistics, and shows up in daily life.

    If their own children or grand children thin out, they can’t connect it to their own actions of hoaxes and immigration. They are consumed with their power to deceive us and think it makes them gods. They think duping their own extended family shows they are smarter and that their extended family doesn’t matter and can be replaced.

    To keep it going they have to bribe ever more groups, like the Chinese. It is a Ponzi scheme that is going to break down. In the meantime, they destroyed their own countries and peoples. They won’t admit they were stupid because they insist to themselves they are in control and we are dupes.

    As they create more problems, they have to push the hoaxes harder. This is to keep their own group in line by daily hoaxes as well as keep us distracted. As the consequences pile up which they are in so many ways they push hoaxes more to prove to themselves they were right.

    They consider the public to be apathetic to using data and math and logic. But the hoaxers themselves avoid data, math and logic simply relying on their power of hoax and deception.
    Only technological progress has kept the Ponzi scheme from crashing the system down like happened to the Roman Empire. But they are getting close now.

    So individual events have some randomness and the chain has even more. They always count on using deception again later to get them out of whatever jam they create. Sort of like a I Love Lucy sitcom. We are into a huge farce stage now.


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