Shameless media

There’s nothing surprising in this story, via CBS News, of a threat sent through the mail to Donald Trump’s son. But the story is disgusting in the obvious lack of impartiality, in fact, its open bias.

What kind of journalistic standards does the ‘mainstream’ media have these days? Never mind ‘journalistic standards”; let’s just stick to plain old ordinary ethics and morals. By the minimum standards, they fail.

First, notice the reference to the younger Trump’s place of residence:

“…his posh Manhattan residence…”

They’d never refer to their favorite liberal politician’s home as a ‘posh residence’, though the fact is that most of the leftist champions of the poor and downtrodden live in residences that are far from spartan. Maybe Ralph Nader was one exception to that rule, by most accounts, but Al Gore, the inventor of Global Warming and the Internet, certainly does not live like one of the common folk, nor does Hillary. And the leftist celebrities (I know; it’s redundant to use that phrase. They’re all leftists) live like kings and queens, flying around in private jets to make speeches about starvation in Africa.

They decry wealth though none of them exactly live like one of their idols, Mohandas Gandhi, who supposedly owned only a pair of sandals, a dhoti (loincloth) and a wooden bowl. On second thoughts, that too sounds like another lying-media concoction to make their hero some kind of saint.

So Donald Trump’s son lives in a ‘posh’ residence? Why should CBS think it necessary to throw in that adjective?

Worst, though, is their deliberately including the street address of the building where he lives, and the name of the building, lest some unhinged leftist misfit have trouble finding it. I mean, the rest of the loathsome left have to know where to send any future hate mail, right? Like the letter which this article describes? This is almost an invitation to the other deranged ‘progressives’ out there to be copycats.

Thanks, CBS, for your responsible ”journalism.”



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