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As I have mentioned to some readers of this blog, I’ve long planned to start another one dealing with the subject of English America. I have finally got it started though there is not much content there as yet.

The blog is The Old Inheritance, and it’s here.

Those of you who have any interest in the English roots of America, the current state of ”WASPs” (so-called) in today’s post-America, or in American history generally are invited to take a look.

7 thoughts on “Another blog

  1. Well done! I linked the new blog. I read the Edward Mims piece at the Abbeville Institute as well. I found another interesting quote on that site from Clyde Wilson a few weeks ago.

    “So pervasive is this idea of the War for Southern Independence being the product of elitist class dominance over the mass of Southerners that it even effects accounts that are professedly pro-Southern. Two recent writers on the so-called Celtic South, James Webb and James Cantrell, while celebrating the virtues of Southerners, blandly accept the slander that the Southern plain folk have been oppressed by their own upper classes. Apparently Tidewater Virginia, Charleston, New Orleans, and the Kentucky Bluegrass are, like Yankees, just another burden upon the brave but maligned rednecks. I am all for celebrating Southern plain folks, even if you give us the dubious label Celtic, but to divide the South along lines designed by our enemies is counter-productive as well as misleading.”

    That was posted on the site back in 2014 but at the bottom of the piece it says that it was originally delivered at a conference at the University of Virginia back in 2007. Before reading the above quote I was never aware that Clyde Wilson had criticized the Celtic South thesis. Below is another quote of Clyde Wilson’s he delivered in an address in 2009 but was posted on the Abbeville site in 2015. I wish these had been posted years ago!

    “There has been a lot of writing recently about the Celts and the Scotch-Irish, particularly the popular book by Senator Jim Webb about the Scots-Irish. Celtic is never clearly defined in these discussions. It is true the British border country had a different culture from mainstream England, and that this culture was reproduced to some extent in America, but denominating it as Celtic or Scots-Irish is problematic.”

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    • Thanks for visiting the new blog and for the kind words. I appreciate the quotes you provide; they are keepers. I know that Clyde Wilson has been pretty sound over the years, being of the older generation (not sure how old he is but he is of an age to remember how things once were).
      I am glad that a few people are questioning the ‘Celtic South’ theory, and I notice the emphasis on class warfare rhetoric on the part of the people who espouse it. The cliches about how their ancestors didn’t want the War Between the States; it was only the evil planters/slaveholders who promoted it, etc. Too much divisiveness in the rhetoric.
      I’ve never been too impressed with Webb, though some now are touting him as a good choice for Trump’s VP if he gains the nomination. Webb may be a ‘blue dog’ type of Democrat but he is a Democrat and likes the class warfare theme a lot.
      Populism is good if it doesn’t degenerate into class warfare and jacobinism — we’ve got plenty of it as it is.


  2. VA great theme for a blog. It is necessary to emphasize this unique connection, because if it dies, America dies as well as you point out. I left a comment, it is in moderation.

    I think one group in particular realizes that English identity is the glue that connects the White West. Britain, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand all have that connection. South Africa and Rhodesia lost enough of it to go under. That group targets this linkage constantly.

    Your blog is a counter to the group that constantly pushes its agitprop that English identity doesn’t matter. In fact, it tries to make English identity be reduced to slavery. Slave plantations. slave fleets. Exploitation of indigenous people everywhere. You can’t drink a cup of java at new bucks coffee without thinking of English exploitation if that group succeeds. I’m surprised they don’t hang signs up there saying it. It does seem the struggle of our time comes down to the struggle to define English identity as positive to be preserved or negative to be replaced.

    The name Old Inheritance is an inspired choice to defend that English identity as a positive one to be preserved. There is something in a blog name that starts with Old to suggest such a preservation as desirable and in fact essential to the survival of what is young.

    Old Inheritance suggests that a meaningful survival of the young must be rooted in a preservation of the link to what is good in the old. That is the link which gives rise to the new young as a continuation of the good not as a replacement and substitution of something altogether new for the old.

    An Old Inheritance is a desirable start to a new life and not something to be cast off without thought. We are inundated with the doctrine of casting off the old as altogether evil. This is particularly applied to the Old English inheritance of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as England itself. If we can’t defend our Old Inheritance we shall lose it and perish ourselves in the Great Replacement.

    You have captured so many themes or are they memes in the name Old Inheritance that it will continue to suggest new blog posts and inspire others to spread the meme that the Old English are the New West or the New West isn’t the West at all.

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    • Sorry your comment is in moderation. I am still trying to tweak the new blog, and get the settings just right. I will try to see that your comments get through.
      Thanks for the encouragement; I appreciate your input on the blog including the name (which it took some time for me to settle on).
      I am glad to know that you find the idea behind the blog to be of some value. I hope there are a few more besides us who think so.


  3. VA, slightly off topic, but totally relevant to a number of your previous posts – I’ve just read an absolutely brilliant response/rebuttal to the view (most recently articulated by the mulatto Kevin Williamson at NRO) that the White working class is responsible for its own demise and needs to be destroyed. Please take a moment to read it and let me know your reaction – it’s at Free Northerner and is called “High IQ Homo Economics.”

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  4. Sheila,
    Thanks for the link. I will definitely check it out. I see that Williamson is not content to leave well enough (bad enough?) alone and has posted another such screed.
    It’s good that a lot of people are answering his piece, and providing some appropriate responses.


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