Not just for Whitey?

Keoni Galt at Hawaiian Libertarian writes about the multicult’s agenda of pushing metissage among the subject peoples, mainly Europe and all former majority White countries. But he points out that even Hawaii, which has long been ‘multicultural’ and mixed, is now being subjected to the purposeful introduction of alien groups of people who are now causing social disruption in Hawaii:

“…it seems like in the past six months, no matter where I go (my work takes me all over the island to many different towns and communities), I invariably encounter people discussing the impact the COFA-Micro migrations are having on my island home.  All of the familiar complaints US Mainlanders have for Mexican and South American illegal immigrants spreading crime, taxing public services, using up resources and flooding the job markets with cheap labor all apply to the situation with COFA-Micros here.

Despite the manufactured narrative our Government Media complex has been relentlessly pushing to keep us pacified in the face of this newest mass migration, more and more people are noticing the undeniable impact this large influx of foreigners are having, and are increasingly beginning to speak up in public.”

The ‘Micros’ he refers to above are Micronesians. Here’s the requisite story of ‘discrimination’ against the Micronesians by Hawaiians. The Micronesian woman who complains of discrimination cites examples like ‘changes in tone of voice’ in a doctors’ office, people not holding doors open for her, and a grocery clerk ”assuming” that she was using an EBT card rather than a debit card. If these are her examples, they are not very compelling, in my opinion. Everyone has experienced and does experience rudeness or lack of consideration from others in public situations; only minorities have managed to turn every such instance into ”discrimination” , bigotry, and “racism.” If one is looking for “racists” around every corner, one will find them. And the media spotlights these stories of injustice and victimhood, magnifying them greatly out of proportion. The victim classes know how to play the system and the media give them a platform to publicize their supposed suffering. The media are the official disseminators of these accusations and grievances. They supply the fuel for the fire.

I don’t know whether the Hawaiians will let themselves be ‘played’ the way that White people tend to do; White people have been trained and conditioned to accept their guilt and to appease the accusers. Maybe the nonwhite majority people of Hawaii will not go along with this.

The Micronesians are not only going to Hawaii; they are being transplanted to the mainland of the U.S. as well. Remember this story from several years ago? Now there are thousands of Micronesians in unexpected places like Springdale, Arkansas. And it apparently began with one Islander getting a job with Tyson Chicken in the 1980s.

No place is to be left untouched. We are all destined for the blender, Hawaiians included, apparently.


2 thoughts on “Not just for Whitey?

  1. PBS News Hour had a segment with Heidi Beirich of SPLC and Charlayne Hunter-Gault. They talked about how racist and bigoted were the Whites who did not want to accept that Whites were becoming a minority. But the Census announced officially this would happen, so of course it must be right. It is only ignorance to oppose it.

    They had a segment on poor Rednecks in Kentucky getting cancer out of ignorance. After their performance, I would think deliberate poisoning should be investigated, if we had a free press.

    The water in Flint is a scandal of racism, but the Rednecks in Kentucky are the victims of their own ignorance. Such is the enlightened message of the official press.

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