Co-opting the victim cult?

Can that be done? First, we should ask whether it should be done; what effect would it have on the reactionary or alt-right movement if such a tactic were used and if, somehow, it worked?

I read this piece yesterday on the subject, but I waited for comments and discussion to clarify what the blogger’s thinking was.

From the piece:

The liberal establishment is controlled by a small elite comprised of ideologues and their financiers who command the allegiance of an impressive coalition of victimized groups: Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, women, as well as the varied and aggrieved sects of sexual deviants. It is from these groups of victims that they derive eager foot soldiers and, more importantly, their moral legitimacy.

All of the aforementioned victim groups are merely pawns that dissemble the pitiless class war waged against the white working class.”

I can agree with much of this, except for the final sentence of the quote. It’s much like the occasional commenters over the years on the old blog who said that ‘we mustn’t blame immigrants (or blacks, or whoever) because they are just being used” or the other frequently-heard phrase: “the immigrants are just doing what I would do if I had a hungry family”. I don’t accept that the various victim groups are simply hapless pawns being used — though they are being exploited by the left and by the politically correct right, who try to ‘virtue signal’ or by the business lobby who want open borders for reasons of greed. But they can only exploit these ‘victim groups’ insofar as they are already doing the things to which we object. Blacks, even before the age of political correctness and the modern left, were more socially ‘dysfunctional’ to use the psych-jargon. They have always had higher rates of crime, illegitimacy, family instability, addiction, and so on. Granted, these things were less widespread but in part that was due to ‘Jim Crow’ and the fact that the races did not have as much contact with one another. There is a falsehood often repeated even among many on the ‘right’, that falsehood being that blacks were law-abiding and respectable people before the Left got hold of them and incited them. As with most successful falsehoods, it contains a grain of truth: blacks were somewhat less antisocial in earlier times. The Left does incite blacks and other minorities by constantly repeating stories about alleged ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination. The media magnifies these things and keeps up a constant drumbeat amounting to incitement to violence.

However, a people who are naturally peaceful and not inclined to aggression cannot be made to do things that are not in their nature. If someone wants to hire a hit-man to get rid of someone he hates, he won’t recruit one from among his law-abiding acquaintances; he will look for those who have a history of crime and violence and who are practiced at it; comfortable with it.

Hispanics have longstanding hatreds and grievances against the ‘gringo’; their history books teach that parts of our land (the Southwest, or even much of the Western U.S) belonged rightfully to them, was stolen by us, and they believe they have a right to claim it. There’s no need to manipulate them into invading or behaving antisocially once they are here. They already dislike us and lack respect for us and our right to this country.

In other words, the left, their obvious malevolence notwithstanding, can’t make peaceful, law-abiding people become aggressors and criminals. Those proclivities already existed in their various ‘victim’ client groups. Those groups are not passive or unwilling participants being used by the left. They are allies.

Again, from the piece:

“…the black underclass has filled the same niche of the useful idiot. In exchange for continuous handouts (in the form of lifetime social service benefits) and a series of never-ending affirmative action initiatives, blacks have become the most consistently loyal members of a party’s base in the history of American politics. This is, of course, in spite of the fact that it is the ideologies of their benevolent overlords, i.e., the perverse stupidities of free love and atomized individualism, which have so thoroughly devastated their communities.”

But the left did not introduce the idea of ‘free love’ to blacks, nor compel them to practice it so enthusiastically. That kind of sexual carelessness was long a part of the culture; some apologists blame it on slavery when they were supposedly not allowed to marry (false) or the alleged fact that wives and husbands were torn apart, etc. But after emancipation, the same pattern continued with no slavery to blame for it. Black apologists like the respectable right’s darling, Thomas Sowell, blame “White redneck culture”  for black misbehavior; Sowell argued that ‘rednecks’ have been a persistent bad influence on would-be virtuous blacks, and that blacks’ dysfunctions are from Scots-Irish rednecks. Again, nobody can force someone into a certain way of living.

The left has undoubtedly exacerbated and exploited the dysfunctions of minorities, but they didn’t cause them just to use the people as pawns. They were just shrewd enough to see the existing qualities which they could divert for their own ends. There are materials from the Communist Party from the 1920s and 30s in which they discuss the plan to make blacks the ‘vanguard’ of their hoped-for revolution in America, seeing as how the White working class here was not suitable fodder.

“The beauty of co-opting the culture of victimhood is that, if effectively carried out, it not only provides an effective rhetorical tool but also a host of new allies with which to torment our foes. Imagine being able to watch a group of Black Nationalists deface a progressive Brooklyn neighborhood full of effete white hipsters as a protest against the racist policies of gentrification. Or perhaps a group of veiled Muslim women confronting a group of white, upper middle class feminists over the white privilege that is implicit in their calls for female equality. The possibilities are endless.”

But this is just what the ‘respectable right’ has been trying to do for some years now; the Republicans compete like mad for the ‘Hispanic vote’ by promoting open borders and by castigating people who object to mass immigration. This is part of the reason for the GOPe’s anger at Trump and his followers. We are jeopardizing their plans to ‘co-opt’ the minorities and bring them into the Republican fold, which is of course their natural home. The same Republicans keep telling blacks that they are on a liberal ”plantation” being kept down, and that Democrats are taking them for granted. ”The liberals are the REAL racists”, as they are always saying. Their need for ‘great black hopes’ in the form of people like Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Ben Carson, is for this reason; they think they can win blacks away from their Democrat ‘masters’ and turn them as weapons against the Democrats. It will never work unless or until the right promises better handouts to the various groups, and until the right abases itself and repudiates any real non-liberals within the fold.

Lastly, again from the piece:

This, then, should become our aim: (1) establish productive dialogues with vulnerable and underserved members of the liberal coalition; (2) adopt their grievances and slowly peel them away from the herd.

Because the right, the real right, is mostly White, implicitly or explicitly, minorities will never make common cause with us. The whole attitude of the right is not compatible with the attitudes and mindsets of the various minority groups.

Adopting the many grievances of these groups — taking them on ourselves, trying to win these groups over would require that principles be sacrificed on a huge scale; they will demand to be catered to, these victim-clients; they have come to expect it and demand it. They have an attitude of entitlement, and it is not just imposed on them by the Left. It is part of their makeup, seemingly. They have always dismissed any misguided attempts at outreach by the Republican panderers; ”tokenism” they call it. They won’t settle for a pale (!) imitation of the Democrats. And do we want to enter into a bidding war with the Left for the affections of the ‘victims’? We’d never win, though we sold our souls trying.



4 thoughts on “Co-opting the victim cult?

  1. VA, you have a deep understanding of this co-opt issue. You wrote on this on the older blog. You have added considerably to the previous analysis of why co-opting other races will fail. Co-opting other race is magic thinking.

    The same analysis partly applies among White ethnic groups, unfortunately. The Irish and Italians and other White Catholics are only now starting to put it together they need to ally with the White Protestant core. Mormons are mostly with us, but can still be sidetracked.

    Many White Catholics in the government class still think they win by playing nanny to the immigrant populations. Their fellow co-ethnics need to wake up and realize they are funding this not just for jobs for the White Catholics in government but all the dependents from the rest of the world.

    Even Sean Hannity is wobbly on grasping this. Imagine if the survival of the White Race came down to convincing Sean Hannity to drop the co-opt magic thinking.

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    • Thanks, OA.
      I’ve noticed that there is considerably more heated exchanges between Catholics and Protestants on certain blogs and forums. For a while that seemed to have died down but for whatever reason it’s worsened. I have a few relatives who are Catholic (sort of casual Catholics) so I am not anti-Catholic but I think the ethnic component makes it worse: the ethnic Catholics have grievances that are not to do with theology but political or historical grudges. But that will have to be put aside in the face of our common existential threat.


  2. VA, Excellent post. One of your best. I think there is only one way we might enlist minority support, and that’s to stand up and firmly assert our interests.

    We can tell blacks and Hispanics that if we go down they’re going down too because America will no longer function without us. They might not like us, but at least they would respect us–and that would provide at least some basis for cooperation

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    • Thanks, Roland.
      I agree with that approach: honesty and bluntness can’t hurt; we’ve gone as far as we can with the appeasement and abasement approach. Maybe our honesty would at least change the hopeless dynamic as it now is.


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