The Trojan horse

For years, no, decades, the more prescient people have warned that immigration in our day is being used as a Trojan horse, a way of gaining access not just for the immigrants ”to find a better life” but to act as aggressors from within the gates.

Of course the left insists on denying this, and continuing to claim that ”they are just poor people looking to feed their hungry families, and to make their lives better.” The right, to its discredit, has gone along with this for the most part; for some time the only people on the right to criticize mass immigration were the so-called paleoconservatives, while the respectable right and the neocons (the groups overlap to some extent) shilled for open borders. We heard their claims that ”Hispanics are natural conservatives, with family values.” Anyone with real-life experience could see the dishonesty in that assertion. Then, even after we supposedly were waging war on terrorism, we continued to allow millions more Moslems to immigrate here, and we had Republicans making similar statements about Arab/Moslem immigrants. ”They’re often businessmen and entrepreneurs; they are naturally conservative people. They object to homosexual rights and feminism, and they tend to vote Republican.”

Among the most visible (and audible) shills for Islam was Republican Grover Norquist. Fortunately for him, one of the enemies he acquired was Glenn Beck. What is the old quotation about someone praying ”Lord, please make my enemies ridiculous”? Grover Norquist, if he is a praying man, must have prayed for ridiculous enemies, and voila, Glenn Beck appeared.  Glenn Beck’s erratic and hysterical personality, plus his many bizarre changes of course, have made him something of a byword and a figure of ridicule. Another critic of Norquist is James Carville, but then his kind sees everyone to his right as a devil incarnate. But even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Beck is/was right about Norquist.

But Norquist is one of those Republicans who apparently believed as G.W. Bush did that ”Islam is a religion of peace”, because he has worked openly as an advocate for and defender of Islam and Moslems. Being mostly a fiscal conservative only, his main cause being lower taxes, he evidently is of the ‘invade the world, invite the world’ school.

But in large part due to the dominance of that school of though on the ”right”, we now have millions more Moslems in this country since 9/11/2001, when a sane country would at least have considered the idea of excluding people from nations that are known to be hostile towards us. Isn’t an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure? Would it not be better, in the name of caution, to close our doors to people from known hostile countries and cultures, or from the most militant and violent ”religion” in the world? It would have been much easier to prevent the increasing Moslem presence than to ‘cure’ it by sending them home. We dare not use the ‘d’ word — deportation — because our easily-duped fellow citizens have been trained to react with horror and outrage at the mere suggestion that we send anybody (horrors!) back home. Home! Imagine the cruelty of sending someone back home! Or of excluding them from entering our national home. The way the left and some quarters of the “right” reacted to Donald Trump’s proposal to exclude Moslems indicates that they think such a thing would be unconscionable, unfair, cruel, heartless, — downright Un-American! Because the Statue of Liberty! And the poem! ”Give us your wretched refuse...” no, not that part; ”give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” — that’s sacred scripture to many Americans, it seems. A Nation of Immigrants and all that; it’s Holy Writ.

Norquist and his ilk are for some reason Islamophiles and they are just as politically correct as the Left.

And we can thank them for this situation, reported in the New Observer. Moslem activists are now mounting a campaign to register a million Moslem voters to help defeat Donald Trump. The anti-Trump right can rejoice that they have some new soulmates to help defeat their bogeyman, and likewise the Left, with their Trump derangement syndrome, can hope that the Moslems will ride to the rescue and provide the needed votes or other assistance as needed, to defeat Trump.

The left obviously hopes to use all the immigrant groups to subvert the will of the American-born White voter, and to eventually form a giant voting bloc, united mostly by their antipathy towards the White population. Their interests don’t necessarily coincide but they will make a temporary alliance against Whitey, and especially Christian Whites. The left and Moslems have a common animus toward Christians.And then there are the left-wing witch-hunting groups like the $PLC, whose existence is based on Jewish antipathy toward Christianity and White Christians specifically. Yet they have the gall to accuse others of “hate” when their very existence is motivated by that very emotion.

The Trojan horse would not be within our gates were it not for the disgruntled misfit groups and the ‘right-wing’ opportunists out for money, acting, even if unwittingly, in concert.

2 thoughts on “The Trojan horse

  1. You are right VA, that we have to look at immigration as a Trojan horse of a determined force to reduce and ultimately replace Whites. The logic of your prior post can be applied recursively as you are applying it here. The nonWhite immigrants are willing participants in White replacement, and so are the ones so determined to bring them here.

    It is an organized force that is behind White replacement. It is not a random coalition. If we look for the emotion of hatred towards Whites, we most readily find it in Jews. The ones who react with the most heat to Donald Trump saying restrict immigration are Jews. Low energy Jeb barely registered a protest in emotional heat compared to a random Jew on TV.

    Some might see a deeper conspiracy behind Jews that uses Jews as a cover. If so, applying your previous post’s logic, Jews would have to be a willing participant. Moreover, at leas some Jews would have to know who the organized force was.

    But how would that organized force police Jews to do this? Except that Jews wanted to. This is the logic of your previous post and applies very nicely to Jews. Moreover, the deeper force seems to lack an enforcement network other than Jews. Jews seem to be the ones keeping people in line for White replacement by immigration.

    Jews are the strict enforcers of the replace White line in every situation. That applies to Moslem immigration, amnesty, Civil Rights for Blacks, affirmative action for every nonWhite group, etc. No one else fills their role. Groups dominated by Jews like SPLC as you mention are the strict enforcers of the line.

    Jews have the specific antipathy you mention against White Christians that is behind this organized and intentional replacement of Whites. They are in all the right positions to enforce it and keep it going.

    Whites on their own would pull back from their own replacement, but some force prevents that. Jews are the force in each case. Jews show the antipathy bordering on open hatred on TV for Whites who want to limit nonWhite immigration and replacement of Whites. So we arrive at Jews not some hidden force behind Jews is behind White replacement.

    I discuss some more of this with a link to your prior post at my blog.


  2. Well, by the logic of my previous post I see what you mean.
    I know that Kevin MacDonald argues that Jews’ anti-White stance is some kind of self-protective strategy: they feel ‘threatened’ by White Christians and believe they are ‘safer’ in a diverse (meaning less White) society. Engineering a ”diverse” society is something they see as in their best interests. But it’s not done openly but more covertly and they see questioning their role in it as ”anti-Semitic.”
    Even though there has never been anti-Semitism on a widespread scale, never any ”pogroms” or systematic persecutions, they still feel threatened. I guess being kept out of the country club by WASPs was traumatic to them.
    I will check out your posts, thanks.

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