Brussels police against patriots

A thousand patriots showed up in Brussels, in the wake of recent terrorist attacks, to oppose the far-left peaceniks (appeaseniks?) who, as always, turned out to give aid and comfort to the enemy. That’s what the peace-and-love crowd always do, whether they admit it or not. By advocating “peace” and condemning those who see a very real threat in Islam and mass immigration, they are in effect the propaganda arm of Islam and of the globalists.

The patriot protesters reportedly did nothing more than chanting at the far-left mobs, but the police saw fit to turn water cannons on them, and use batons or nightsticks on them.

By now, the controlled media, present to cover the “peace” rally, were busy sending news wire stories out saying that “neo-Nazis” had come to the rally and were making “Nazi salutes” (even though the photographic evidence shows nothing of the sort, with the only symbols being made of clenched fists and the well-known two-armed chant pose of the “casuals”).

Then the police were given the order to attack the patriots, and moved in with riot police, batons, and water cannon. A handful of the patriots fought back against this totally unwarranted and excessive police action, and about a dozen were arrested in the ensuing melee.”

It should be obvious by now that there is some kind of de facto global regime, though there is still a pretense made that countries still have some sovereignty. It is funny that the response from law enforcement authorities is the same whenever leftists and/or nonwhites go up against White patriotic or ‘right-wing’ groups. It is the White or ”right-wing” side which is always deemed the instigator, the bad guys, the ones to be beaten and arrested, while the left, with or without their nonwhite mascots, are always given more leeway if not outright protected by the police. Doesn’t this hint that the law enforcement policies are meant to protect certain groups of people while punishing others just ‘on principle’? There is no even-handedness, even when one side is clearly the aggressor.

And even worse is the blatant bias of the controlled media when reporting these kinds of events. Katie Hopkins castigates the media for their mendacity and obvious prejudices. She also takes to task the ragtag-and-bobtail far left for their siding with the invaders and terrorists.

“In Cologne, 150 officers were sent to police the migrant attacks on women on New Years Eve, resulting in 676 criminal complaints being filed. In comparison, 1700 riot police with water cannon were sent to stop a subsequent Pegida march through the city.

Whilst it seems perfectly acceptable to turn the water cannon on nationals, determined to stand up for their country and culture, it is never acceptable to criticise migrants, terrorists or extremists planning attacks.

It seems to me there is a yawning gulf between the treatment and reporting of the far-left and the far-right, and and even bigger chasm between nationals and migrant populations, who lack respect for the culture they have joined.

The left are so busy kowtowing to the rights of those who have chosen to join our culture, the right has lost the freedom to defend the culture they have chosen to join.”

There aren’t many like Katie Hopkins in the media; what she says is just plain obvious truth, and it says a lot (none of it good) about our society that there are so few people willing — or able — to say it.


2 thoughts on “Brussels police against patriots

  1. I agree with you VA that there is “some kind of de facto global regime” as you put it. I think that is a very apt phrase to describe what we see from the outside. It describes our state of evidence. We don’t have absolute proof to convince someone committed to the naive view, but for those who have really tried hard to understand this for long enough time, the patterns just repeat too neatly not to be deliberate.

    I suspect the patriot side in these cases are often in on the gag. Just easier to control them that way. It also explains the way the establishment ignores our concerns. The most organized and well funded part of the patriot wing is controlled by them, the purpose being to neutralize our side from effective resistance.

    In any case, the pattern repetition you observe is just proof to our rulers of how stupid we are not to see it. A few like you see through it, but most apparently do not. Our rulers form the conclusion from this that anything we say is unimportant. From that it isn’t far for them to conclude that whatever harm falls on us is unimportant and then that replacing us is unimportant.

    The final gag is, it’s them as is replaced as well. But they are so busy feeling disdain for us, they don’t seem to notice. I think a big part of this is that they feel smugly superior to people in their own extended family or school chums who did not do as well as they. This blinds them to the fact that the forces they have unleashed are big enough to bring them down as well.

    Sometimes their smug superiority applies even to their own children. They dismiss their difficulty as a character flaw and somehow feel it reflects credit on them that their children are so flawed they can’t succeed as generations past. In the end our rulers are so stupid in this way, it defies imagination to think of greater fools than they.

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  2. Very good point about the disparity in police resources sent out in Cologne and against Pegida. It’s the same with AntiFa demonstrators. They are rarely interfered with though it’s clear that they intend to use violence as a first resort. Stones and beatings are their stock in trade but still there is no law against appearing masked in public. It’s a situation where the regime pretends to control AntiFa but they do not in fact do so. What young thug wouldn’t cheerfully attack peaceful demonstrators if he could wear a mask and know that the cops won’t pursue him seriously. And they are paid, no doubt. They live in squatters camps or infest vacant buildings so either they are just highly politically aware young people who want to be involved in vital political issues that they study night and day, or they are rewarded for their efforts. “Nazis” with supposed allegiance to a party now 70 years in the grave are high priority for the cops but street thugs with an agenda as fresh as the morning dew are invisible to the prosecutorial and police toads.

    When a cop was attacked in Germany recently then 500 cops swarmed the building in which the thugs lived. They didn’t have any difficulty going after “unknown attackers” in this “far-left” squat when their ox was being gored. Otherwise, these places are invisible to the cops and, as I say, the matter of going masked in public is just never addressed in the legislature. It’s like the 175-mile border between Greece and Bulgaria on one side and Turkey on the other. The EU “nations” just can’t seem to be able to manage a closing of the border with over 3.5M active and reserve military between them. You’d swear the border ran straight over Mt. Blanc and posed insuperable problems of defense.

    Final point on the overreaction of the cops: Flip Dewinter was arrested something like five years ago IIRC. He was dressed in a suit and was leading a demonstration in Brussels on behalf of Vlaams Belang. There’s a picture of him being swarmed by four cops, I think, with the guy behind clearly squeezing his testicles. He’s being treated like he’s a 250-lb. biker caught with a crowbar instead of the leader of a political party in Belgium, despised and persecuted as it was.

    So by action and inaction, and with the assistance of a paid trash population, the agreed upon policies of the EU directorate are enforced.

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