Illiberal liberalism

The title of this post is not so much an oxymoron as it appears. Liberalism, falsely so-called, at least as it is practiced in the West today, is obviously totalitarian, requiring considerable use of mind-conditioning, suppression of facts, and outright force and coercion to carry out its misbegotten policies — and to retain power.

The Council of European Canadians blog has a piece on a book called The Cultural Defense of Nations: A Liberal Theory of Majority Rights.

Just why would there be a ”liberal theory of majority rights”, given that the “liberals” have spent the last several decades delegitimizing, even denying the existence of the rights of the majority — at least, when that majority happens to be White, as has historically been the case in Europe and in the Anglosphere worldwide? Have the leftists/progressives just discovered something new under the sun? Sorry to disappoint anyone, but no, they haven’t. As the writer at the CofEC blog reports, the purpose of the book is to co-opt the growing tide of nationalist sentiment, in the face of the debacle in Europe and elsewhere:

“Liberals now realize they need to up their game; the continued emphasis on minority rights sounds absurd. But we must not allow ourselves to be co-opted by the nice sounding phrases of Orgad’s book about the “cultural rights of majorities,” the right of Europeans to judge immigration in light of their cultural needs for preservation.”

The book’s author, Orgad, admits that his intent was to offer a new approach,

“…by which liberal democracies can welcome immigrants without fundamentally changing their cultural heritage, forsaking their liberal traditions, or slipping into extreme nationalism.”

In other words, to fend off criticism from the less-rabid liberals or from the timid right, (otherwise known as ‘cuckservatives’) and thus to allow things to continue full speed ahead, on their present disastrous course.

Liav Orgad, the writer, offers this description of an earlier work of his on the same basic subject:

Illiberal Liberalism:Cultural Restrictions on Migration and Access to Citizenship in Europe

It appears Orgad has spent considerable time working out his ideas, obviously meant to serve the interests of non-European/nonwhite immigrants and would-be -immigrants to the West. His idea is some kind of token conformity, along civic lines, on the part of immigrants in exchange for granting them the “right” to settle permanently in European and Western (historically White) countries. Obviously the rights of the majority are not even mentioned in this description of his ideas. The introduction of the phrase ”majority rights” is just a bone to be tossed to the increasingly restive majority; it is not a recognition that we, in fact, have any rights. The phrase is just a subterfuge.

We’re not supposed to notice, but if the name Liav Orgad summons up associations like ”rootless cosmopolitan”, it’s because he is that, apparently, at least as far as his ethnicity, citizenship (possibly dual?) and his places of education and subsequent residence.

And even if we notice the ethnic origins of people like Orgad and so many others who are actively promoting ”multiculturalism” and “diversity” (meaning replacement of Whites with nonwhites), we are not supposed to mention it, to point it out, or to attribute any significance to it whatsoever. It’s just random chance, is the implication behind the taboo on noticing. The noticing, even simply observing that many of the prime movers and important actors in this scenario are Jewish and in many cases Israeli, is categorized as not simply common-sense observation but as that greatest evil of all, ”anti-Semitism.”

There was a time when I felt very uncomfortable noticing, and I naively thought I could stay ‘above’ this kind of thing, stay neutral. But it seems that our most determined opponents are not content to remain neutral; they are very partisan in securing what they claim as their own ethnic interests. I see no reason why the same ”right” should not be accorded to us. They obviously are not content to pursue their own interests in their own country but must work all over the West to be sure our ethnic interests are nullified while theirs are pressed, at the expense of ours.

What is it to Mr. Orgad that Third-World ‘migrants’ be allowed, en masse, into our countries? Obviously he sees his interests as being in opposition to ours, and has chosen to work on behalf of lawless ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’ in countries which are not his own, nor those of his kin. And if he has a heart that bleeds so for the marauding migrants who are now causing havoc in Europe (and here), why does he not work to get more migrants admitted to his home, Israel?

And yes, that question is rhetorical.

10 thoughts on “Illiberal liberalism

  1. Thanks for pointing this out VA. You stay on top of a great deal.

    Liav Orgad
    Associate Professor of Law, IDC Herzliya
    Marie Curie Fellow, Freie Universität Berlin

    I have to wonder if this name is manufactured to symbolize something.

    Liav Orgad’s research team.!research-team/c24vq

    If you hover your mouse over each photo you can find some of their education and where they are now. Some also indicate who funded their research or fellowship. I would say not many are ethnic Germans.

    BTLOYPP we can conclude that these people are fully part of White dispossession. They are the cadres of NWO run by the ilk of Liam Orgad to dispossess us.

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  2. Excellent essay up at VDare today by Kevin McDonald – part 3 re Jewish fear of Trump. Towards the end he discusses in more detail the issue you raise – the prime movers and pushers of immigration and European cultural obliteration are Jews, who rationalize what they consider in their best interest and conflate it with moral rectitude, whereas they deride the merest whisper of White American interest as racist, anti-Semitic xenophobia. They are all vile liars and dissemblers.

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  3. The truth of the matter is jews want a world without White Gentiles. Since “assimilation” and inter-racial marriage is not working fast enough, they are forcing it with the raping hordes of sand coons throughout Western Europe. This is war yet not a shot has been fired. Whites are now the minority in the world. Not much left to fight this off. This is the slaughter and extermination of the White Race, and all we do is bitch behind our computers, my useless self included. There is no hope.

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    • Thanks for your comment. I do understand your pessimism but writing about this kind of thing on our computers isn’t mutually exclusive with doing things ‘in the real world.’ Unless we know the people behind the screen names personally we don’t know what that person is or isn’t doing in real life, This is part of ‘real life’, and we don’t know what our efforts here might or might not do; we might succeed in getting some heretofore neutral person to think about these things. And ideas can have a snowball effect.
      The left managed to go from being a small and somewhat despised political faction to being wildly successful in transforming society — but not for the better, of course.
      I’ve said (as have others) that it need not take a majority to effect change. In fact it’s usually just a relatively small number who bring about change. The majority are usually passive in any great social or political change; they are often an inert mass who are just spectators at best. The left took a lot of people unawares and people did not even realize the changes that were being brought about by a lot of fanatical lefty ideologues until it was mostly all over (back in the late 60s and 70s and ever since).
      So all is not lost.It can be self-defeating to predict that we’re doomed.

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    • Yes, good point, and if that worldview is considered ethical for them, then it should be for us. If only we could get people to acknowledge that simple fact. I mean, if we don’t look out for our own interests, who will? Instead we are just supposed to forget ourselves (and our posterity) and take care of the rest of the world’s needs and demands.


  4. If Jews have a secret plan to help Whites they have concealed it well by leading the genocide of Whites. Taking our jobs and desecrating our graves as symbols of hate, part of that subtle Jewish plan to make the Gullible Goyim think Jews hate them unto death.


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