Lest it be forgotten

god save the south

April is Confederate History Month. As our Southern heritage is increasingly under attack, I honestly think that there may come a time, not too far off, when even the flag in the picture above (the CSA flag, not the more familiar and hated Confederate Battle Flag) will be banned. I wouldn’t be surprised if the word ‘Confederate’ or ‘Confederacy’ might also be banned because it ‘hurt someone’s feelings’, caused ‘trauma’ or violated their ‘safe space.’

So as long as we can, I think all sons and daughters of the South, and anyone who is a friend to the South, should commemorate our heritage and our history, and do so without apology or undue defensiveness. We know that no matter how delicately we approach the subject or how much we bow and scrape to  political correctness, we are condemned nonetheless. And if we cower to PC, we’re not worthy of our ancestors, who loved their homeland, their folk, their heritage, and the symbols thereof, and who acted courageously despite the long odds they faced. We can do no less.

As for myself, I’ve written before of my direct ancestors who fought for the Lost Cause, including my great-great-grandfather who died at Lookout Mountain. I would be dishonoring him and his sacrifice if I am apologetic about what he did out of love for home, hearth, country, and flag.

I plan to post occasionally throughout April on Confederate history and Southern culture and heritage.

2 thoughts on “Lest it be forgotten

  1. Thanks for reminding us of Confederate History Month, VA. It is another battle ground where we seem to be on the defensive. We need to hold onto Confederate History Month to protect our flag, graves and parks.

    Meanwhile certain groups are objecting to the sign Welcome to Hindenburg Park in California. As I understand it, the park itself has been renamed and now this sign from the past is too much for sensitivity.

    Increasingly, any German name is now a crimethink. Soon all Anglo names will signify slavery and so be offensive to people of color.

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