‘Dead’ Europe

I have a high regard for the blogger Cambria Will Not Yield. I look forward to his weekly posts, which offer, at times, the one lone ray of  light amongst a lot of ‘we are doomed’ pronouncements from the various other bloggers and commenters who write about the fate of the West.

CWNY has been blogging for something like a decade now, and I remember because I began blogging initially around the very same time. I, however, have taken a few breaks during the past decade, sometimes vowing never to blog again, but CWNY has soldiered on.

His latest piece deals with the subject of the rumored ‘death’ of Europe. Writing from a Christian perspective, he does not accept that Europe should be pronounced dead; death is not final for Christians, and I believe CWNY has used the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead as a metaphor for Europe, offering hope that Europe’s apparent death may not be irreversible.

He writes in this week’s piece:

I certainly understand why someone would say Europe is dead, but it is not an accurate statement. Civilizations are not like vegetables, which have a certain shelf life and then they rot and decay. Civilizations are moral essences that will continue as long as human beings love their people and the civilization they built.”

He is right. A nation is a people, an organic entity. People are not inert matter. It used to bother me greatly when a certain blogger used to refer to Britain disdainfully as ‘The Dead Island.’ It bothers me when that blogger’s disciples continue to repeat the phrase in reference to Britain. A Christian would not make such a pronouncement, but would believe in the possibility of the ‘dead’ being brought back to life, through Divine intervention. As I’ve occasionally said, the doomsayers completely exclude God from the equation.

Lazarus in the Bible was most certainly dead, and was brought back to life by Christ but we can’t say that a people or a collective  are as dead as the man Lazarus was.

However, God’s intervention has to be preceded by a wide-scale return to the Lord; if Europe (or our country, or any country) persists in ignoring God and defying his laws, our misfortunes will continue to accelerate. The most pertinent Bible passage on that is 2 Chronicles 7:14.

But what are the chances of Europe choosing to ‘humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from their wicked ways‘? What are the chances that Americans would do the same? I don’t see much chance, just on the face of things, to think they would. Both Europeans and today’s Americans tend to be proud and self-regarding people, fed full of ”self-esteem psychology”, New Age twaddle (which has invaded the Churches for decades now) about ‘self-realization’ and then the cant about ‘rugged individualism’ (per Rand, et al), all of which are in direct opposition to Christian teaching. Returning to Christianity would require renouncing the popular folk-religion of the day, the religion of Self. A popular song from the mid-80s proclaimed that ”learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” If national pride is merely shallow self-love collectivized, then it’s not the healthy kind of pride.

What was the line from the Carl Sandburg poem,

“We are the greatest city, the greatest nation; Nothing like us ever was.”

Yet I can continue to love my folk despite our faults and I continue to hope that God will turn the hearts of his people back to him, in due time. But they/we have to seek him.

I am afraid that I don’t see anything short of catastrophic, traumatic events (even the current marauding migrant disaster won’t be enough) to turn Europe in the right direction. Much worse may have to happen to them, though I wish it weren’t so.

And the same for us. People should be more traumatized by what is being done to our own country, but the overlords keep us tranquilized and distracted by entertainment/propaganda (all the same now), drugs, porn, sports, and shopping.

So far it’s worked, apart from a minor restiveness from those who are actually sentient, thinking beings, but in the main we’ve just adapted to the intolerable as it is gradually being forced on us; we get used to it. We are an adaptable people, to a fault.

It would be better for us if we weren’t so ‘adaptable’ and accommodating and so ”tolerant.” We call things ‘intolerable’ for a reason: they ought not to be tolerated.

Europe went through terrible trauma during World War II. Those civilians who went through it often had horror stories of starvation, bombing, separation from family members, loss of loved ones, the list goes on. And is there any evidence that their sufferings made them turn en masse to God? Much of Europe was already quite secular even then; it’s much more irreligious and post-Christian if not anti-Christian now.

What would it take to bring about a return to their Christian roots now?

I don’t know. I don’t know what it would take for us. I do have hope because I believe in God, and God keeps his promises. Europeans have been the Christ-bearers, as CWNY says, and God will preserve, if only a remnant.

It’s cynical and lacking in faith to pronounce Europe — or this country and its people — ”dead”. Let’s not pull the plug on Europe yet.

4 thoughts on “‘Dead’ Europe

  1. I think your topic today is inspired VA. The Easter time is a time to realize that Europe and America are not dead and that faith is needed to restore Whites to our kingdom.

    By a favorable coincidence, my minister told me that the Sunday after Easter is traditionally the time to tell the story of Doubting Thomas. Jesus is not dead although Thomas doubts it. Europe and Whites are not dead though we are told we are.

    I think you have sometimes expressed doubts about the motives of those who are so quick to tell us we are dead. The same ones tell us that writing is a vain pursuit that can’t change the world. When was the world ever changed without writing? Not for a long time. Certainly, Christianity did not spread because the Roman praetors told the Christians that writing was a vain pursuit.

    That your blog has come back is itself an illustration that we are not dead and that the fight goes on. I also hope that our writing will fall on the stony hearts of our modern praetors and that they too will find their hearts turn to God and to saving the White Race and taking back our lands.

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  2. From your lips to God’s ears. I cannot conceive of the death of Europe, and yet I, too, am tempted to despair upon the daily news. Your point about the primacy of “self” as being anti-Christian is so vital. I was finally able to articulate that (which I had felt but not been able to pinpoint) back in my comment at the piece I linked rebutting Williamson’s column condemning White communities to “death.” I am highly independent/individualistic, but as I’ve grown and matured, I’ve come to see that I depended upon a functional, prosperous, lawful, Christian American within which to become independent and individualistic.
    That any accomplishments didn’t accrue merely to my efforts, but were fostered by institutions set up by Christian Americans many years earlier. In a strange way, a true variant on Obama’s “You didn’t build that” lie. Absent American society built from years of effort and struggle and sacrifice and generations of Christian, European people, all that I value and all that I am would not – could not – exist. So at last, now that it’s vanishing, I’ve learned to value community. Hopefully not too late.


    • Thanks, Sheila. I remember your comments on that Williamson piece, on the importance of community and the culture from which we derive support and sustenance. And we are all part of an unbroken chain. As Donne said no man is an island.


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