The upside-down world

Bruce Charlton is right, here, when he says we are “living in the most bizarre and insane world  — ever.

It’s not news to most of us; for some years I’ve called our present world upside-down, as all the old verities and simple common-sense wisdom have been thrown out the window in exchange for the previously-unthinkable ideas such as ”transsexualism”, females in combat, ”males” giving birth, and of course the attempted obliteration of ethnic and racial categories.

Have any of you ever heard of ”otherkins“? Did you know there is an “otherkin community”? I didn’t know until very recently. As insane as it sounds, someone claiming to be ‘really’ nonhuman or even an inanimate object, is not much weirder than a man claiming he is really a woman in a man’s body. Or vice-versa.

Then there are the trans-racialists who claim to have been born as the wrong race. But I thought race didn’t exist. I suppose eventually some helpful ‘doctor’ like those who claim to transmute men into women or women to men will come up with a procedure to make people another race or ethnicity — just by changing their external appearance. Just as with ‘sex change’ surgery. It’s all make-believe but most of the world now accepts it or at least  tolerates all this pretense and lying.

Bruce Charlton notes that for those of the younger generations, it’s hard to grasp just how insane and bizarre our world has become because they’ve never known any other kind of world. They’ve been taught that the images of a more sane and wholesome past are just lies and propaganda. Look at pictures of mid-20th century ‘happy housewives’; the young have been conditioned to believe that it was all a sinister false front. And as Charlton says, unless one reads old books, or even watches old movies, there is no conception that life was much different and much more coherent and benign in days before this Age of Lies.

It may be near impossible to un-condition the young. Even their parents, who in most cases are old enough to remember a much better and less turbulent world, have been affected by the propaganda and have come to believe that the old, normal world, in which some kind  of time-honored standards still existed, was very flawed and needed to be replaced. But how can anyone with a memory believe that the ‘revised and improved’ reality is preferable?

“The casual assumption , possible because of such gross ignorance and disdain for the past and other societies, is that we, here, now have got things right and at last understand what it is to be human (neither a man nor a woman, for starters!)  – while everybody at every other time and place were being crudely hoodwinked.”

Most egregious are the Christians who, having adopted political correctness in preference to Biblical ethics, obviously believe that every previous generation of Christians got it wrong; we, in our chaotic age, are the epitome of enlightenment; we are the first and only generation of Christians to rightly understand the Bible. What arrogance! By thinking this way, they are in effect condemning their parents, grandparents, and virtually all past Christians because those Christians were not Zionists, Babelists or universalists. How do these Christians reconcile their disrespect for their forefathers with the commandment to ”honor thy father and thy mother?”

Sadly, many people on the ”right” believe, along with the Left, that the past generations got it wrong and that if we had been alive then, we’d have created a far superior world. These people on both ends of the spectrum would prefer that the past be completely obliterated and its memory banished so that we can start from scratch and re-invent the proverbial wheel. This is foolishness regardless of whether it comes from the Left or the ”right.”

Ethnopatriotism or ethnonationalism should mean keeping faith with all our folk, including the generations who went before us, those to whom we owe our very existence. It should mean keeping faith with the past, and preserving what is and was best about it. The present, and all its associations, have the odor of leftist nihilism, and I always hope that one day “this present darkness” will be gone, and will  seem to us like a bad dream.

3 thoughts on “The upside-down world

  1. I think you have identified an important aspect of the arrogance that animates our rulers and institutions. PC can stand for past contemptuousness. Contempt radiates from our institutions even though those in charge of them have not improved them. The huge college debt is accompanied with no improvement in college education.

    The business community is most pleased when it ships factories overseas and imports workers. They speak of the new imports as completely superior to us, ignoring that it was us and the work of the past that raised them up.

    PC can stand for people contempt and when applied to the old ethno-groups that is what it is. Take an established institution and change the C in its name to contempt and it works to describe it. NBC is national broadcasting contempt. Congress is Contemptgress. Churches run by liberals become contempt hurches. College is contemptollege.

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  2. I used to exercise at our local YMCA. One day while passing the time on the elliptical reading Patrick Buchanan’s State of Emergency, I was interrupted by the man next to me who asked what I was reading. Upon seeing the cover and title he said “that guy’s nuts – we are living in the best times ever.” Now if this had been some teenager, I wouldn’t have thought much about about it, but this was an adult in his late 50’s. He continued “I’ve been talking to my son who says things just keep getting better every day.” I was stunned – I couldn’t believe that this man inhabited the same planet.

    How anyone over the age of 50 could look around and not plainly see that this country has seriously deteriorated is beyond me.

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    • I have known such cases where the other son can’t get a job and the father thinks it is character flaw or thinks the other son is depressed. Many of these fathers don’t even notice their children are not having grand-children or not at replacement level.

      When they meet others in their extended family with the same troubles they just wonder why character flaw and depression is so widespread or why no one wants to have children anymore. They attribute that to character flaw or depression as well.

      It never occurs to them that they or their generation has the character flaw in their policies or what they vote for or their apathy to find out what is going on and then find out why it is going on. Obviously, they could not be bothered to research it on websites that discuss such things. Instead they chalk up their kids’ problems to apathy.

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