The shameless liars of the Left

From The Other McCain, a post about liberals and rape, pointing out how liberals, true to form, contradict themselves on the subject of rape.

The post is titled ‘Obsessed With Sex?’, and the title reminded me of the late 1990s when the Clinton sex scandals were in the news. Hard as it may be to believe in 2016, there were actually a few lefty journalists who were not happy about Bill Clinton’s behavior, but the Clinton spin doctors were on the 24-hour news channels, spinning like dervishes to deflect blame from Clinton, and one of the main talking points was that special prosecutor Ken Starr was ‘obsessed with sex’, and this was the reason for his persecution of Bill Clinton. Then the talking point was that all conservatives were ‘obsessed with sex’, being hypocritical puritans. So I’m surprised that they are still getting mileage out of that sophomoric accusation. But then again, the left tends to repeat like a broken record; one might think they were reading from a script.

The brazenness of the left knows no bounds; they are possessed of not one iota of shame, and will lie without batting an eye and make the most outrageously hypocritical statements, contradicting their own supposed principles all day long, without any shame. They are not troubled by any scruples.

The blog piece from The Other McCain discusses a debate in Toronto on the subject of the “refugee” flood in Europe and the suspicious increase in rapes that happened to coincide with the arrival of the ”refugees”. When fellow guests Mark Steyn and Nigel Farage alluded to the rape epidemic, “British” [sic] academic and sometime TV talking head Simon Schama (good old Anglo-Saxon name there, professor) sneered:

“I’m just struck by how obsessed with sex these two guys are, actually. It’s a bit sad, really.”

So yes, they are still using that old accusation against the normal people like Steyn and Farage who have the gall to notice obvious patterns. Again the left projects and accuses people on the right of the very thing they are most guilty of. The left are the most sex-obsessed people on the planet, excluding perhaps their “refugee” mascots.

That’s what’s ‘‘sad, really“, Professor Schama. It would be pitiable if it weren’t so offensive, this shameless finger-pointing from the shameless Schama — and the rest of the conscience-free Left.

The one segment of the Left that has most to answer for here is the feminist brigade. Again harking back to the Clinton years, when this country took a turn for the worse morally, the feminists were shown for what they were in no uncertain terms; whereas they claimed to champion women who were raped, and proclaimed that every rape accusation should be taken seriously, they vilified the women who accused Bill Clinton. Remember the Clintonista’s ”nuts and sluts” defense? The rape accusers had their names dragged through the mud and their character assailed mercilessly. Some even had death threats made against them or their families. How any woman could be fooled by feminists’ claims to be champions of women after that disgusting chapter is beyond my comprehension. But leftists are liars and without any conscience; politics is all to them, and they would, I think, defend even murder if the guilty party were one of their own, one of their political fellow-travelers.

And what’s even worse than helping a rapist evade justice is their more recent practice of actually recommending that some political ‘enemy’ on the right be raped as punishment for being ‘racist’ or just ‘right wing’, like Sarah Palin. I remind you again of how that loathsome Sandra Bernhard, an alleged ‘comedienne’, said publicly that Bristol Palin should be ‘gang-raped’ by some of Bernhard’s black ‘homies’. Have we become so jaded that  we don’t even recoil from such an ugly statement? Yet other leftists have said similar things about people on the right and few people expressed the disgust and shock that such comments should elicit from civilized people.

Leftists are beyond ‘sex-obsessed’; they are politically obsessed. They don’t even regard people to their right, even moderate conservatives, as human beings; such people are subhuman enemies, to whom no mercy is to be shown. As the nice, mild-mannered Canadian audience at this event did, they will laugh at mentions of rape, if the intended victims are political enemies — or just plain White people.

After all, these progressives ought to know that most people in Europe are, sadly, ‘progressives’ like themselves, and by their reckoning, not deserving of rape or murder — but then I suppose being White is enough to make Europeans deserving of such a fate, in the twisted, race-obsessed, amoral mind of ‘progressives.’

3 thoughts on “The shameless liars of the Left

  1. “I’m just struck by how obsessed with sex these two guys are, actually. It’s a bit sad, really.”

    Just another version of “Senator McCarthy, have you no shame?”

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  2. ” They don’t even regard people to their right, even moderate conservatives, as human beings; such people are subhuman enemies, to whom no mercy is to be shown.”

    So true. They also show it openly towards Whites who speak up. They go into a fury of hate on TV and never apologize or are fired.

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  3. As Vox Day has repeatedly stated, SJWs always project. Jews have a long history of heavy involvement in the porn industry and have profited handsomely by it. I have a link (not here on my laptop) to an old article (from the Occidental Observer, I think, or could be an old Age of Treason post) regarding this.

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