Seeking respect?

This blog piece sort of sums up for me the reason why I find myself uncomfortable on many of the old ‘NeoRX’ style blogs. The blogger expresses distaste for the ‘alt-Right’ and the ‘Stormfront types’ which he sees as being essentially cut from the same cloth.

As most of my readers know I used to be a more traditional paleoconservative (or at least was classed as such by many people) but as our predicament became more dire, it seemed more than obvious to me that as we are up against extremists, now is not the time for more ‘moderation’ or half-measures. The gentlemanly, softly-softly approach is not what is called for when you are in an existential crisis — which we assuredly are.

I’ve noticed for years that the more ‘respectable’ segments of the ”right” practice some form of political correctness, calling out the very same people who are already under fire from the multicultists. The fear is that they will be classed amongst the ‘riff-raff’ of the Alt-Right, or (horrors!) the SF crowd. Again, it’s about not losing respectability — but respectability in the eyes of whom, exactly? One’s peers on the ”right”, or our antagonists on the Left, or minorities? Whose respect matters to us? Speaking for myself, respect from certain people is tantamount to being slandered. My enemies will never respect people like me because they hate the truth.  Our cautious compatriots who are just to the right of center will never respect people like me, because to them, as much as to the left, people like me are anathema. We take a beating like red-headed step-children. We are the uncouth relations whom our genteel kin with upward aspirations choose to disown.

Loathed by the left, disowned by the ‘respectable’ right, we’re getting the pillar-to-post treatment.

If this latest ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ outbreak doesn’t illustrate this bizarre situation of the ”right” and the left attacking the same people, in similar emotional terms, then nothing will.

It’s a futile quest to seek respectability from the people who oppose us or who deem themselves our moral betters. What does the Bible say about self-righteous men?

My Bible also says ‘woe to you when men speak well of you‘. The Bible shows how ”the world” or the world-system and its status-seekers have a way of honoring the ‘respectable’ but equivocal men and reject the honest and truthful. The truth is usually not popular at any given time, and never has it been less popular.

Am I thus advocating for some kind of extremism? Hardly, but neither am I recommending moderation or useless respectability-seeking. The deranged extremists of the left and the right-wing globalists cannot be countered with lukewarm, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-the-mouth moderation.

Speaking the truth is an absolute first step, and in our Orwellian world, per Orwell himself, telling the truth in a world of lies is a revolutionary act. As an essential first step, we have to put the truth out there, regardless of whose toes are stepped on. And we can’t speak truth and speak political correctness both; they are diametrically opposed. Do we choose truth — and the resulting opprobrium that will come our way, or do we choose to be more respectable by opting for political correctness?

So far much of the “right” is choosing to cast stones at those to their right, at the “disreputable” people who are not so polished or so acceptable to the suave set — hence the label ‘cuckservative’ being cast back at them. The word had to be invented as a necessary label for this increasingly prevalent type. They themselves created the need for the label and so they forfeit the right to complain of it.

3 thoughts on “Seeking respect?

  1. I agree with you VA that the time to get the vapors over a symbol the establishment loves to hate is past. However, fascism was not good for the White Race in Europe from Rome or from its later re-incarnation. The latter I suspect was re-created and funded by an international group on purpose to crush Germany and the rest of Europe.

    I prefer traditional European symbols such as the Confederate Flag and the uniforms of the South which are part of the deep Christian and gallant tradition of European Whites.

    In the video blog from Paul Ramsey at the bottom of the linked post, Mr Ramsey ends by a vulgar assault on his listeners. He may not realize it, but his video implies no one agrees with him and that he hates everyone who disagrees with him, ie everyone. So that is the message from Mr. Tolerance.

    Mr. Tolerance’s message is that he can never lead a movement since he hates those on either side of him. The vanishing middle is no where to be in a fight to the death as you point out VA. I enjoy the humor of the storm front right and its edge is a useful part, but not the whole, of a movement against an opponent that controls the media and glories in each step down for Whites.


  2. OA, I don’t think we disagree. I don’t endorse the pro-fascist stuff if it’s there, but I do know that there is some crossover of readers of ethnopatriot blogs with that more ‘extremist’ forum, so I don’t think everyone there is on board with the NS stuff. I think with as many readers or members as they reputedly have there is a range of viewpoints. Personally the lefties lump people like me in with those people who do admire the Third Reich or whatever and no amount of disavowing it will stop them from tarring me with the same brush (which they have in the past).
    I don’t read that Forum (which the good people who keep track of our blogs can probably vouch for, keeping such good tabs on our Internet activity as they do), but I have read there in the past. It’s a mixed bag. I wonder how many of the extremists (by whatever definition) are actually operatives or provocateurs. You are aware that such things are done. I even wonder about certain posters on a few ethnopatriot blogs who seem almost caricatures of someone’s idea of a ‘right-wing hater’.
    I don’t look to Europe for my ideal either; I revere the symbols and values of the Old South or even of an older America where there was not the division that exists today.
    And when even the Confederate symbols, (the CBF, even the song Dixie) are declared symbols of ”hate” then I guess even that makes me an evil person according to the witch-hunters of the 21st century.

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    • I agree VA. My wording was awkward, I did not want to suggest you supported the pro-fascist stuff. In fact, when I think of an advocate of separate identity and countries for separate White nations, I think of you.

      The thesis that you can’t just pile Whites together in a giant super-state is one you have most consistently and effectively pointed out. In particular, it has not worked well for the English. Our opponents want the Whites subsumed in ever larger entities so that they lose their identity completely.


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