The bargain

An interesting piece at 28 Sherman makes an analogy between the ‘deal’ made by our so-called elites, in which for supposed economic benefits they agree to a deal with  outsiders which incidentally changes our very identity and essence, and the ‘deal’ made by the people of Innsmouth in a fictional story.

The story is by H.P. Lovecraft,” The Shadow Over Innsmouth”. Although I’ve read that story (more like a novella) several times since my adolescent days, being a Lovecraft fan, it never occurred to me to look at what is happening to Western countries as basically ‘the Innsmouth Bargain’ or Innsmouth deal, as the blogger calls it.

In the story, which I always found particularly creepy and disturbing for some reason, the seafaring families of the fictitious town of Innsmouth in New England, having contact with some unusual civilizations in the Ponape area of the Pacific, bring some rather atypical native wives — and native practices home to New England, and for some reason their town prospers in comparison with neighboring towns.

But a price has been paid, and must continue to be paid, in order to maintain that prosperity. Read the piece; it is a very fitting analogy for our situation and the ‘Innsmouth Bargain’ — the one our ‘leaders’ have committed us to.

Maybe what really disturbed me about the story when I read it in the past was the idea that a people could willingly morph themselves into something completely other — and in pursuit of some supposed material benefit.

Of course we know it isn’t just about economics; our ”elites” are ideologues on a vendetta it seems, but their phony excuse is that immigration benefits us. And giving up who we are, our culture, our faith, and ultimately our DNA is a small price to pay — right?

Maybe Lovecraft was warning us.

3 thoughts on “The bargain

  1. I might have a guess who the Deep Ones are. I recognize the Captain Obed Marsh type. There seem to be a lot of them around these days.

    Apathy and cowardice seem big parts of what happened to that town. Even now many towns that are overrun seemingly are unable to speak up against it and openly say they want to stay White. Our opponents always seem to know where our apathy weakness lies, if they don’t help manufacture it themselves in some respects.

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  2. In many [if not all] of our towns, speaking on more local levels, there are Freemasonic leaders who respond to different peers than those who make up their community, and they and others who respond according to the siren song of economic prosperity lead our people, openly but incomprehensively, into greater losses to our qualities of life. They do so, basically for their own prosperity while believing that they are doing good for the communities, but we who recognize their illusions do not have power as individuals to overcome their networked group mentalities.

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