Reconstruction part 3 rolls on


No, this is not the actual proposed 20 dollar bill which will replace the current version, which unfortunately carries the image of a dead White Southron male. There has been talk about who would take Jackson’s place on the currency but I knew (as did most of you, probably) that it would likely be a ”twofer” — a female and a Person Of Color. Voila: Harriet Tubman.

The image that will likely be on the bill is of an angry-looking woman (who at first glance appeared to be a man), and I think that unsmiling face was chosen for a reason: to show that we are under the watchful eyes of Afrocentric America, and Big Sister means business.

The screencap above is from Free Republic. Yes, I know I shouldn’t read that forum, and I do so only to check the pulse of the patient, to see if there is any hope for recovery. The patient is not looking good. There’s an occasional sign of life from a few souls there but the majority of the posters are still trying to position themselves as the Best Friends of Blacks — if only the poor duped blacks would realize that the Democrats (did you know they are the Real Racists?) are keeping them down on the Plantation.

The caption on the image above illustrates how ignorant of history many Republicans are; they think that the Republicans during the War Between the States were the ‘good guys’ and they are proud to claim kinship to those same notorious Radical Republicans who were responsible for the evil known as Reconstruction and for the ensuing vendetta against the South and its people.

The Republicans of today often want to claim the dubious title of ‘Blacks’ best friends’ not realizing that they are thus making themselves out to be part of the ongoing war against our folk, against their own flesh and blood. How ”cucked” does one have to be to fail to see that?

For my part, let these Republicans vie with the Democrats to be the most non-racist party; let them outbid the Democrats, out-PC the Democrats. Let’s see those true colors at last.

And this might prove to be the undoing of the Republican Party.

Now that the Republican Party seems to be self-destructing, committing suicide by Political Correctness, and now that the sheep are being separated from the goats to make it all plain to see — let them rename themselves as the New Radical Republicans, taking up where the original Radical Republicans (almost) left off.

4 thoughts on “Reconstruction part 3 rolls on

  1. Great post VA. Paul Ryan is the face of the new radical Republicans. Andrew Jackson was not a coward. This 20 dollar bill is another manipulation. We can see it openly with it. This requires separation from those doing the manipulation, because they will never stop until Whites are gone.

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  2. Simple enough (if somewhat inconvenient) matter to stop using $20s. However, I read they have also redesigned the obverse of the $5 to now include MLK and Marian Anderson. So unless someone stops this prior to 2020, I will be limited to using $1s, $10s, and $50s and refusing change except in those denominations. I’ll still do it, but it is, of course, the very pettiness and relentlessness of the SJWs that is so wearying. They are determined to allow no one anywhere, let alone inside one’s own mind, to be free of their demands. That is why I will have no truck with those who dismiss objections such as to the redesigned money or any other matter as “minor.” It’s all of a piece, and I will NOT submit.

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