That was then…

lost cause Forrest

One hundred and fifteen years ago in Memphis, the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest was being designed. Just last year the craven Memphis City Council voted to remove it. This is all part of a concerted effort to efface the history of the South, especially the history of the Confederacy, and to destroy and defame the memory of our ancestors. More importantly the Powers that Be want to destroy the name and reputation of our heroes and to shred what is left of our heritage.

Sadly there are modern-day carpetbaggers (transplants from the North and from the far-flung parts of the planet) and Southern-born scallywags to aid The Powers and Principalities in their work.

And even more shamefully, these same scoundrels voted to exhume General Forrest’s body — and that of his wife. How far does this base desire for revenge go? How long must this go on?

The magazine cover is obviously from the magazine called The Lost Cause. Southrons have long referred to the disastrous War as The Lost Cause — yet it wasn’t lost, not yet, as long as the South maintained its spirit and its pride of heritage and ancestry, its dedication to the distinctive way of life. As long as those things endured, the cause was not lost. I remember during my childhood one often heard the phrase ‘The South will rise again’. Now such phrases probably draw the attention of our Masters who so lovingly keep track of all that we say and do, and it’s probably considered Hate Speech to utter phrases like that.

Now it seems, by all outward evidence, as our symbols and heroes and our very integrity as a people are under siege, even more so than is White America in general.

And there seem to be no political leaders or anyone else to stand in the gap, to speak up. So the title ‘Lost Cause’ seems especially mournful now, as it seems as if our foes are ready to deliver the coup de grâce  Do we still have the will to endure? Are there enough of us who have not mentally and emotionally surrendered?

2 thoughts on “That was then…

  1. It is just as you describe VA.

    Terry McAuliffe, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner are all from North. First 2 are Irish. First is governor and last 2 are senators. This is Virginia’s top leadership. The Northern Virginia population elected them and that is a foreign occupation for the most part.

    South Carolina you are familiar with. Nikki Haley is from afar in effect. Lindsey Graham the traitor born and the whole leadership group is full of the cowardly or the arrogantly displacing us type.

    The South seems fallen at the leadership level as you point out. There were a lot of Confederate flag rallies last year. So there is some spirit still. If the South is our best hope, our enemies are making it their primary target. They send their people and support them.

    They funded the defeat of Virgil Goode whom they specifically targeted for his saying stop Moslem immigration.

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  2. I knew there were a lot of ‘carpetbaggers’ in the South and I was aware of how Northern Virginia is ‘occupied territory’ but the examples you give show how far it’s gone.
    I have long admired Virgil Goode; I think he’s a man of integrity and decency, of which there are so few now. It’s disgraceful that he was defeated.

    I see that he endorsed Trump a few months ago.
    I’d like to think Goode might still have a future in politics but I guess it’s no place for honest men now.

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