Is this the future?

I was speculating to myself the other day that this practice might one day be mandatory, or at least natural reproduction with someone like ourselves will be a “hate crime.”

I’m actually surprised that this is the first such story, at least in my experience, of this kind of politically correct self-immolation.

Somebody will no doubt think I am being heartless or unkind with this opinion, but the fact is, for all these centuries, millennia, of human history, this kind of thing is something new under the sun, and would have been viewed with shock by most human beings up until our present enlightened age.

Kind after kind. Like calls to like. It’s a law of nature. I didn’t declare it so; nature did, or God, if, like me, you believe in God. So if someone thinks me unkind for criticizing this, their quarrel is with God, ultimately. So it makes it a bit problematic for these people who profess Christianity. They are young; they probably grew up sitting under the teaching of the modern-day wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing “ministers”, thus getting second-hand cultural Marxism from their supposed shepherds. Or maybe they get their cultural Marxism first-hand via the media, and the schools.

This kind of thing is not yet known in my little town, but we have droves of people having garage sales to raise funds for their ‘adoption trip’ to Africa or Haiti. It’s not an uncommon sight to see people (most of them nominally Christian) in our town, parents with obvious children of their own, who look like them, also pushing sn obviously adopted baby in a carriage.

One day, it’s almost certain, given the state of racial tension and animus in our society, that these children will be alienated, angry adolescents and adults with identity conflicts, people who may well turn against their parents and ‘siblings.’ To believe otherwise is to believe in fairy-tales. Exceptions may exist but exceptions by definition are rare.

The fact that these two people (like other such indoctrinated people) chose not only to adopt but to conceive a child not of their own genetic kin shows that far from being “colorblind”, which would imply willingness to accept a child of their own kind as well as others, they deliberately excluded the possibility of having a White child.

As I write this, there are also ‘gay’ couples paying women in India or elsewhere in Asia to bear children for them. In some cases these children are fathered by the usually White gay males but even then, the child is in the “Other” category. And there is something much more personal about conceiving, carrying, and giving birth to a child with little or no genetic kinship to yourself. And that is the case with a partner of another race; one need only to look at a genetic map to see how distant Europeans are from other races. The differences mean something; it is far more than skin color or pigment cells. Far more.

And then there is that thing known as telegony. The followers of scientism, or the hard-nosed skeptics, deny the validity of the idea but it’s looking more possible, with new research. Those who are familar with livestock breeding know the idea, though even some of them deny it. But I’m inclined to believe it. It’s certainly something to think about in connection with promiscuous reproduction, both intra-racially and inter-racially. Maybe there are reasons why our Creator condemns promiscuity and adultery; one becomes ‘one’, DNA-wise, with those one mates or reproduces with.

Adultery, thus, takes on a new meaning.

And from a Christian point of view, artificial insemination is a kind of adultery, isn’t it? Doubly so in this case, as it violates the ‘kind after kind’ precept.

But that doesn’t bother most of today’s Christians or Churchians, for whom Thou Shalt Be Politically Correct is the first and only commandment.

Meantime I am expecting that this kind of thing may one day be compulsory, if today’s rush to madness continues.

2 thoughts on “Is this the future?

  1. VA, that’s exactly what I was thinking. These people aren’t colorblind as they would have us believe, but highly color conscious in favor of the color black. Cambria Will Not Yield rightly observes that liberals and cuck-Christians worship blacks. Perhaps this women sees herself as a Mary giving birth to divine beings.


  2. Roland, thanks for the comment.
    Cambria, I think, isn’t using hyperbole when he writes about the worship of blacks. Many Whites, especially people like these who probably attend a very PC church, seem to venerate blacks, especially those in Africa. I see this in many of the churchians in my town as I mention. I see it in the way that many PC whites react with such hot anger or indignation or even hysteria if they perceive ‘racism’ anywhere.
    There is an element in this of White paternalism toward nonwhites, but there’s also the idea of abasing oneself as a kind of sacrifice or expiation. It’s strange.


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