Another mention of our English origins

I can hardly believe it: there’s yet another blog post which mentions the English origins of America. There have been a few such blog pieces in recent weeks from alt-right bloggers.

That’s the good news: there is renewed discussion of American identity and the loss of cohesion, but the bad news is: the comments. The comments are a depressing lot: please go over and read the piece and the accompanying comments. They are a mix of the usual canards and outright falsehoods mixed with some backhanded quasi-slurs against Anglo-Americans. Examples: the descendants of the English founding stock are ‘elites’ who subverted America, in collusion with you-know-who. This canard is repeated often on alt-right blogs and rarely, if ever, challenged. Another frequently heard comment: ‘there are no [pure] English people’ or ‘the English people are a mixture of peoples anyway, so, what’s the big deal if they are lost in the genetic blender?‘ Just for some perspective, the native indigenous English people in England are being brainwashed with the same falsehoods, and are told that ‘Britain has always been a multicultural multiracial nation’, because The Angles, and The Saxons, and the Danes, and the Vikings and The Normans — never mind that all these people are kindred peoples. Why does most of the world seem not to comprehend that basic fact?

I don’t have time to write a full response but I will do so later — though it seems futile to even try; as I’m just one person writing in obscurity here.



One thought on “Another mention of our English origins

  1. I have recently become aware of another example of anti-English propaganda – a recent cable show we’ve started watching off the web called “Outlander.” The basic premise is that a female nurse from post-WWII England slips back in time to 1743 Scotland, where she (and her new-found Scottish hosts) are repeatedly abused, assaulted, and/or raped by the Redcoats occupying the region. While the Scottish are presented to be rough and unmannered, they are deep down good at heart – basically honorable and loyal people. The English, on the other hand, are either made to be effeminate and pompous, or ruthlessly evil.

    Anyone watching this uncritically will take on a great hatred for the British, even if not a member of one of the “oppressed” groups. Since most old stock Americans know that the US is basically an extension of Britain, that hatred is very easily transferred to our own country, as described by one of my favorite (English) commentators John Derbyshire as “ethnomasochism” and “xenophilia.”


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